Bodyguard has launched a Social Media Solution

Las Vegas, 13th January 2021: Bodyguard - the technology startup that protects users from cyberbullying, hate speech and toxic content online - has announced a major US expansion at CES 2021, in line with its vision of creating a safer web around the world.



Tech startup announces US Expansion during CES 2021

Bodyguard currently protects over 50,000 European social media users from online harassment and toxic content, scanning and analyzing over 5 million comments in real-time each month on Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Twitch. The start-up benefits from an advanced technology, which functions as a smart, autonomous, and 100% ad and cost-free text moderation solution for social media.

The app is currently used by a wide variety of users, among whom are journalists, policy-makers, influencers and artists, as well as regular people who just want to enjoy a safer Internet. The solution detects nearly 100% of toxic content and eliminates it before it reaches the user.

Based on contextual analysis rather than keyword moderation and updated on a daily basis, the technology detects nuances, makes very few mistakes, and identifies even the newest variations of toxic terms. It also understands emojis, abbreviations, censored words and typos.

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Bodyguard’s team have spent over three years developing a technology solution to stop cyber-bullying, cyber-harassment and hate speech online. With smarter moderation capabilities, its solution acts as a virtual shield, protecting individual users and communities against toxic content in real-time before it is seen by the user. This prevents harm before it happens, mitigating the effects of toxic content and creating a safer environment online. Using its unique, tailor-made technology, the startup aims to ignite a social movement to combat the devastating effects of cyberbullying, online harassment and hate speech, an issue that has worsened as result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Our technology is deeply rooted in our values and social mission: to protect as many people as possible against harmful content online. We wanted to create something extremely easy to use, that is more efficient than existing solutions .

says Matthieu Boutard, Managing Director at Bodyguard

A Safer Worldwide Web

Bodyguard is committed to helping its users favor positive interactions online rather than negative ones. It does this by enabling users to create more space for meaningful exchanges within their communities and filter out negative interactions in real time. As long as toxic content is present on social media, Bodyguard protects online communities from insults, racism, homophobia, threats and harassment, creating a safer worldwide web for all.

Having worked at Google for 7 years, I’m very conscious of both the positive and negative impact that technology can have socially. I have always been excited about the unique possibilities that technology and the Internet can open up to its users, but concerned about the rise of toxic content online on the other hand. This is why Bodyguard’s social movement is extremely important to me. Thanks to our solution, we can truly make a difference, ensuring that online safety is not optional, but remains core to the Internet values moving forward.

adds Boutard

Bodyguard’s text moderation solution is also available to businesses via an API, offering them an expert text moderation solution to protect their online communities and platforms from hateful content, cyberharassment and hate speech.

Please click here to access our press kit. You can also demo the Bodyguard technology for free here.

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Bodyguard is a technology startup which offers a solution to individuals and businesses to protect their online communities and social media platforms against toxic content online. Available as a free app for individuals and via an API for businesses.