Tips for Twitch and Youtube streamers: easily moderate your live comments

If you are a frequent Twitch and YouTube user, you may have already used the live stream chat. It’s comment spaces enable you to see your viewer’s reactions in real time, interact with them and make them part of your show.



Even though you are on live stream, you can prepare the chat settings beforehand. Here you can find some precious tips to learn how to moderate your chat during a live stream on Twitch and YouTube.

Chat moderation on Twitch and Youtube

Before talking about live streaming, you need to know all the tools that are available for you to create a positive experience and a healthy online environment. But let's be honest - Moderating comments can be a real nightmare. If you want to stream without having to worry about things getting out of hand, you have only 2 solutions - either you moderate comments yourself or you let a bot do the work.

Useful tools for you

Youtube and Twitch try to fight against online hate and moderate racist, homophobic and sexist contents on their platforms.

There are several tools that are available to you:

  • On YouTube you can choose to leave or disable comments on video, before or after having published it. On Twitch you can only disable comments after having published it.

  • You can block, report, hide or disable a user.

  • You can assign people to moderate comments for you.

  • You can make a list of all the words (on Twitch “Terms filter”) you would like to block on your channel. This setting will filter all messages with the terms added in your list manually and hide them on your chat.

  • You can ask your users to have a verified email address (only on Twitch)

  • Some streamers prefer disabling the YouTube chat - even in the middle of a live - to stop haters and their hateful messages.

Online hateful comments on the rise

The options available on most platforms are not only limited, but they also require careful (and therefore very time-consuming!) parameterization.

There are over 2 billions Youtube accounts and Twitch has over 11 million channels. Online hate is a growing problem as the number of users increases. COVID-19 restrictions made it worse. During the lockdown in March 2020, hateful comments increased by 56% in France. Hateful comments appear more and more frequently in live streams and brands channels and popular influencers.

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The streamer Manonolita had recently been a victim of online hate during a live on Twitch. In that video, she is talking about the insults she has received in the last four months among which were threats, sexist comments, and sexual harassment.

Try the Bodyguard free moderation bot

Bodyguard is a free mobile app able to moderate comments on live streams. All you need is to do is download it and connect it to your Youtube and/or Twitch channel. From that point on, Bodyguard’s technology will be able to collect all the comments you receive in real time, analyze them and block the hateful ones.

Effective and Personalized Moderation

Bodyguard classifies the type of online hate you may be victim of:

  • Insults “Fucked”

  • Ridicules “Go on a diet 🥔!

  • Threats “I’m gonna slit your throat”

  • Troll “30th dislike”

  • Racism “Fucking heeb”

  • Hate “You’re pityful”

  • Homophobia “Fuck off you faggot”

  • Moral harassment “Shoot yourself”

  • Sexual harassment “I love jerking off on you”

It also blocks unnecessary comments such as links, scam posts or ads, and detects SMS language, emojis, spelling mistakes, or typos (sometimes deliberate, just to get away with insults into the chat).

You can change the moderation settings at any time and choose a personalized moderation, deciding which categories of hate to moderate and the degree of intensity of this moderation.

The app moderates comments on YouTube and Twitch, but also on your Twitter and Instagram accounts. It is a great way to protect all your social networks and create content with peace of mind.

Improve the quality of your channel for your followers

Live streaming is a wonderfully interactive experience with your community. Make sure your viewers are able to make the most of your Streams by ensuring that your chat is a welcoming and a respectful environment.

Download Bodyguard

Have access to Bodyguard protection through our app:

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