Community Managers are Humans, too

Monitoring and preventing online toxicity on a daily basis is all too often a time-consuming and emotionally draining process.

The team

The team

It’s fair to say that being a community manager isn’t easy. On top of that, there are considerable limits to the effectiveness of human-based moderation. In this article, we’ll explore the negative impact of moderation on staff well-being as well as viable alternatives to human moderation.

Not a walk in the park

The role of a community manager is difficult for several reasons. When they aren’t trawling through hours of dull, inoffensive comments, they’re frequently exposed to shocking or extremely negative content, spanning everything from general insults to racism to homophobia, sexism, harassment, or discussions of highly sensitive topics. The sheer volume of content also means that the work never ends, leading to exhaustion and burnout.

Efforts to improve staff well-being such as regular breaks aren’t widely adopted across the wide spectrum of businesses with online communities. Community managers — many of whom aren’t properly trained — are often simply left to get on with it. This can come at a significant human cost: according to research, repeated exposure to online negativity combined with challenging working conditions increases the risk of developing anxiety, depression, stress disorders, heart disease, and even substance abuse1.

Beyond the human cost, brands that fail to moderate their content effectively can lose out on profits due to alienated customers. In itself, human moderation is also a costly, inefficient process.

Automatic moderation as support for Community Managers’ daily tasks

The best alternative to human moderation is automated moderation. That’s where we come in. At Bodyguard, prevention comes first. Our solution uses artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze and filter huge amounts of content in real-time. It can be integrated with social networks and platforms of all sizes. This way, community managers and users alike are spared excessive exposure to toxicity

Instead, community managers can easily customize our solution and manage accounts via a central dashboard, saving them time while reducing business costs. Our solution also comes with a wide range of metrics, helping managers learn more about their communities and identify which types of content generate different reactions.

Learn more about the community: which subscribers are the most loyal and committed, or the most virulent?

Our key features at a glance:

  • AI moderation: our solution intelligently filters out content and then shows you how it’s been classified and what action has been taken.

  • Contextual analysis: bodyguard analyses text, typos, deliberately misspelled words, and emojis in context.

  • Classification: easily organize messages into categories of severity.

  • Lives streaming protection: Automatically moderate millions of comments in real-time during live events.

  • Dashboard: get access to insightful metrics that help you foster respect and engage your community.

  • Easy integration: deploy bodyguard with minimal fuss via an API on almost any platform.

To find out more about our services and how we can help make community managers’ lives easier, visit our site here.