Smarter & autonomous content moderation

Bodyguard protects your online communities and platforms against toxic content, cyberharassment and hate speech. Leverage the power of positive interactions, shield your communities from the negative ones.

A powerful technology enabling...

Intelligent protection
Different toxic content categories and severity levels. Contextual analysis. Internet language “decoding”.
Scalable moderation
From a few blog comments, to thousands of social media comments, all the way up to live streaming.
Actionable data
Powerful data bank to inform content decisions and uncover new ways to engage with your followers.
Strong customization
Choose what toxic content categories you want to moderate. Select the desired protection level.

This is how it works:

With Bodyguard, you'll get...

More users
Safe platforms are 3x more likely to retain users and to attract new users towards the community.
More time on site
A lack of toxic content means visitors will spend around 60% more time on your platforms.
More revenue
No toxic content, more users and more time on-site lead to a 16% increase in advertising revenue.
More brand safety
Protect your brand image, users and employees. Don’t attach your business or brand to toxic content.
Quick integration, adaptive pricing
Smooth, quick integration via API. Works with any platform. Pricing based on your needs.
Daily technology updates
Rest assured that all the latest toxic content trends are integrated into the technology as soon as they appear.
Transparent decisions
No more 'black box' technologies: understand how your content is analyzed and why it's classed the way it is.
Over 90% detection rate
Compared to a 40% market average, Bodyguard detects over 90% of toxic content, with only 2% error rate.

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Every company has different needs when it comes to content moderation. Our solution is tailored to the specifics of each industry, so that you can benefit from the best moderation for your particular needs.

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