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The responsibility that social media platforms and companies have when it comes to removing hateful content is today being reinforced by new laws that are emerging around the world (example: the Avia law in France, NetzDG in Germany).


Human moderation is still largely being used to counter hateful comments. However, this solution has its limitations: biases, not reactive enough, depressing for moderators, and very expensive,… Moderation as we know it today needs to evolve to be able to closely analyze interactions between users. Because of their number, it’s becoming difficult to moderate all the content on networking platforms, social networks, brands, associations, media, gaming platforms, blogs… GAFA companies use artificial intelligence (machine learning and deep learning) to detect some of the hateful content on their platforms and moderates them automatically. This technology serves as a filter but has many biases, not to mention the error rate and many false positives. This excessive yet limited moderation is being done to the detriment of users.


Bodyguard has developed a software solution to automatically and intelligently moderate all your user generated content (Facebook pages, Websites, mobile applications, comment sections…) The technology analyzes your content and informs you of any detected hate speech, specifies the type of hate (insults, mockery, trolls, sexism, racism, threats) and the level of intensity. With Bodyguard’s SaaS platform, you choose the moderation level and keep an eye on your personal data. Our technology detects 90% of hateful content… with only 2% error. This will make life much easier, save a considerable amount of time but most importantly protect you and your community from online hate in an efficient and secure manner.