Protect your brand image and reputation on your platforms and social media. Avoid any association with toxic content to preserve your e-reputation.

Your challenges

Engagement vs. moderation


In the golden age of user-generated content, as a brand you're looking at a paradox: how do you promote more user-generated content on your platforms, while making sure this user-generated content doesn't destroy your brand? While you want a high level of engagement from your community, you need to pay a lot of attention to the quality of that engagement, making sure it stays positive and helps grow your brand.

Increased consumer awareness

Increased consumer awareness

Consumer behavior has permanently changed. The battle to win over your consumers is won (or lost) in a micro-second – with decision-making and preferences that are formed online. Brands are becoming vulnerable because of the lack of control over their image due to this new model. The association between your brand, toxic content, hate speech, and excessive criticism is becoming harder to control.

Loss in revenue

revenue loss

Along with being much more aware of what is going on with the brands they use/follow, your clients have an increasingly high social conscience - and you do not want to let them down. The Internet is full examples of brands and influencers who have failed at preventing a bad buzz situation, only to see their brand image suffering and their revenue plummeting.

How we can help

Leverage positive interactions
Bodyguard helps you encourage interactions with and within your community, while shielding it from toxic content that will harm your consumers.
Custom moderation
With powerful customization options, choose to moderate what's important for your brand. No two brands are alike - so why should your moderation needs be out-of-the-box?
Real-time notifications
Our real-time moderation comes with real-time notifications: be alerted in real-time when an incident happens involving your brand.
Increased brand safety
Avoid bad buzz and protect your brand image in order to preserve your e-reputation. Distance yourself from any PR scandals originating from toxic content issues.

Let's start...

Let's start protecting your online communities and platforms.