Open up the debate on your platforms, rather than let it be smothered with insults, threats and hate speech. Offer your visitors a better media content experience.

Your challenges

Increased toxicity

Increasing toxicity

With an increased amount of hate speech and racism, homophobia, but also insults and threats, media platforms are under huge scrutiny. Hateful content on your platform drives users away and results in a lack of engagement around your content. And if you fail to attract visitors, you will ultimately stop having an audience to produce your content for.

Human resources

Human resources

Community managers play a central role for media businesses, however they are oftentimes overlooked. The pressure they need to face to make sure their platforms are clean is not a small or easy one. Aside from being time-consuming and expensive, human moderators can also strongly be affected by the repeated toxic content on your platforms.

Reduced advertising revenue

Reduced advertising revenue

Advertisers have become increasingly aware of the slim chances to get through to their audience. With so many advertising channels to choose from, they will choose those channels most likely to provide them with their desired ROI. And if your media platform is losing visitors or could cause brand issues due to toxic content, advertisers will divert their spend away from you.

How we can help

Encourage engagement
Preserve free speech and encourage your community to participate in debate. Only remove toxic content which hurts others directly.
Support community managers
Support your community manager team by providing them with an automated solution which frees up more of their time, so they can focus on other things.
Over 90% detection rate
Feel at ease with Bodyguard by your side, knowing the technology detects nearly 100% of toxic content automatically.
Remove unnecessary noise
Detect and prevent unnecessary noise such as spam, links and scams, which drives the attention away from your content.

Let's start...

Let's start protecting your online communities and platforms.