Social Media & Gaming

You create and or you host content?
The volume and the immediacy of the exchanges

make it difficult to moderation your platforms?
You have noticed improper behavior, hate speech and

toxic messages between your users?

Your problems

Human Resources


An expensive and time-consuming manual moderation that is hard to duplicate.


Facilitate moderation


Allow users to express themselves freely while keeping an automated eye on content.


Loss in revenue


Advertisers have become increasingly demanding and you want to offer premium inventory. Your users and clients expect high-quality moderation services.





We have noticed that gamers that take part in positive social interactions are 3X more likely to come back the next time. In addition, clean and moderated chat rooms quadruples user login sessions

by over four and increases the time spent on the session by 60%.


It has never been so clear that gaming has become the biggest entertainment sector in the world, and social features such as chats have become staples to the gaming experience. A quick look at community based gaming is all you need to understand that the social aspect is the future of gaming.


In addition, a clean and inclusive community can increase gamer interactions

and, above all, have an impact on purchase decisions.






Filter out the negative in your community to make way for the positive.


The social aspect has an amplified effect on the psychological well-being of your users and their ability to create content.


There’s a constant risk on major social media platforms, social networks, student or professional networks, and others. Indeed, the volume of interactions makes it impossible to solely use manual moderation.


Governments like the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Australia et New Zealand have introduced new legislation on social media. The responsibilities that social media platforms have is ever increasing.

Bodyguard's offer

An Agile Tool

A simplified dashboard to select your moderation parameters and get an overview on moderated content in real time.


Bodyguard is available 24/7 and works autonomously. It also protects you outside of office hours.


Don’t associate your brand’s image with toxic content on your platform.

The Product

The Bodyguard solution offers:
– 9 analysis categories that include sexual harassment, hate speech, violent threats, trolls, body-shaming, and many others; with different intensity levels;
– The best detection rate in the moderation market of 90%;
– An understanding of relationships between users and who the content is targeting;
– Customizable categories according to your moderation needs;
– The possibility to make changes in real time.

Our technology in action
Sexual harassment
Moral harassment
Filter selected
Individual moderation
General moderation
Individual moderation :
you are protected against comments intended for you
General moderation :
your comment space is protected from any toxic content
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