Protecting your communities from online hate

Moderate large volumes of user-generated content on your platform in real time without halting social interactions. Protect your communities from toxic content and hate speech diminishing your users' experience

Our expertise to help you grow

Engage more users and keep your community safe with our scalable moderation solution

40 %
of users will disengage from a community after as little as one exposure to toxic content
~80 %
of user-generated reports reviewed by a human are dismissed as false, wasting precious moderator time
72 %
of Internet users say they’ve witnessed online harassment

Built to protect social platforms

Instantly moderates content generated by your users on your social platform, and protects them from toxic content to facilitate constructive conversations and safe interactions

Volume & speed

As a social platform, you deal with very large quantities of user-generated content. This content needs to be reviewed to make sure it follows your community guidelines and increasingly complex legal requirements. Manual moderation is time-consuming and expensive, yet you need to find a way to increase the amount of reviewed content and reduce the review time.

Dashboard centralizing all your data (analysis, messages, authors of generated content, posts)


In a glance, know how many comments your posts have generated and how many of them are hateful, supportive or spams.

Visualization of all messages, hate, positive and polluting content

Smart moderation

Quickly read your messages and see what action has been taken and how they are classified. You can also filter on specific categories to focus on particular comments.

Smart moderation that detects potentially toxic content with advanced contextual analysis and identifies typos, misspelled or censored words, abbreviations and emojis.

Community engagement

Learn more about how your members interact with your content and which members are polluting in particular. Discover the support of the best members of your community, in order to quickly interrupt those who are polluting.

Moderation hassle-free

Two blue blocks showing the easyness to deploy on social media (Facebook, YouTube, Twitch and Instagram) via API

Easy to deploy

The solution can be integrated on social networks and platforms of all size. connects in one click to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Twitch accounts. Integration with the client's platform is done via an API and only takes a few hours to deploy with technical teams.

Analyze, understand and decide

Get real-time statistics and deep semantic analysis of your users' behaviors to detect trends on your platforms, understand how users engage with each other and define new sets of rules to enhance their experience.

Make your platform safer now!

Our Social Media experts are at your disposal to start connecting your platforms to Bodyguard and offer a safer experience to your users

How we can help

Our technology was developed and trained on social media.Through partnerships with Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Twitch, and Facebook, we have a deep understanding of the platforms.

Scalable solution
Our technology can handle any amount of data at any time. Even if you have a spike in your content volume, you won't have to worry about it.
Real-time moderation
Bodyguard analyzes and moderates content in real-time, offering you instant protection even during live streaming.
Smarter protection
Contextual analysis and powerful customization options put you in control to get the right level of moderation for your specific needs.