Social platforms

Moderate large volumes of live user-generated content on your platform while encouraging social interactions. Protect your communities from toxic content and hate speech altering your users' experience.

Your challenges

Volume & speed

volume and speed

As a social platform, you deal with very large quantities of user-generated content. This content needs to be reviewed to make sure it follows your community guidelines, as well as toughening legal requirements. Manual moderation is time-consuming and expensive, yet you need to find a way to increase the amount of reviewed content and reduce the review time.

Moderate just enough


To encourage social interactions, you need to make sure you provide your platform users with the right environment. If they feel like they can't express themselves freely because they keep being hit with toxic content, they'll stop trying. You need a high-accuracy moderation solution which only removes the harmful content affecting your users, while encouraging engagement.

Revenue loss

revenue loss

Toxic content on your platforms drives users away and keeps you from attracting new ones. People want to exchange freely without being slammed with insults, threats, racist or homophobic comments. If they can't do that on your platform, they will find somewhere else where they can. And a loss in platform users means a loss in advertising revenue.

How we can help

Scalable moderation
Our technology can handle any amount of data at any time. Even if you have a spike in your content volume, you won't have to worry about it.
Real-time protection
Bodyguard analyzes and moderates content in real-time, offering you instant protection even during live streaming.
Smarter autonomous moderation
Contextual analysis and powerful customization options put you in control to get the right level of moderation for your specific needs.
Industry expertise
Our technology was trained on social media. We partner with YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Twitch to provide their users with a strong moderation solution.

Let's start...

Let's start protecting your online communities and platforms.