Software providers

Strenghen your solution by adding a market-leading text moderation capability, and help your customers get the best out of their user interactions. Bodyguard strongly complements comment, chat and live streaming platforms, and customer service software.

Your challenges

Efficient moderation out-of-the-box


If you provide a communication solution such as a chat tool or a comment platform, you have probably already come across clients who ask for an integrated moderation capability. With increasing amounts of toxic content online, having efficient moderation becomes a given. Your clients need a reliable technology solution which comes with an in-built moderation feature to protect their own communities, employees and users.

A superior service for your clients


With a highly operational moderation solution, your services will gain added value for your clients. When they evaluate software solutions, clients will choose the one which ticks the most boxes. With positive user experience being a key focus for any business, an expert moderation capability could help you stand out in front of other providers.

How we can help

Protect end user
Help your clients shield their end users from toxic content such as insults, threats, racist and homophobic comments, but also unnecessary noise such as spam.
Save time & cost
Your clients need to be able to communicate instantaneously, while staying in control of their content in an automated manner. Provide them with a powerful, quick and autonomous moderation capability eliminating the need for human moderation.
Provide your customers with added value through customized moderation. Make the moderation work for your clients' needs - and the needs of their end users.
Easy integration via API
Bodyguard integrates easily with any platform and any technology solution via API. Our team is here to support you any time. No matter how complex your platform or technolgy, we'll fit right in and add value for your clients!

Let's start...

Let's start protecting your online communities and platforms.