Protecting athletes and teams from online hate

All-around protection with a full solution - look after your players, your staff, your brand, your sponsors and your supporters.

Digitalized sports events and communities

65 %
of sports fans watch sports videos & games on their smartphone
40 %
On average after a loss, 4 messages out of 10 targeting players are toxic.
40 %
of users will disengage from a community after as little as one exposure to toxic content

A Technology to let you perform

Intelligent moderation solution designed to be integrated with social media and online platforms, protecting communities and athletes from hateful and polluting content in real time.


From the web app, you have a dedicated space to manage all your accounts and all aspects of your community. Access a detailed analysis of your community and take action.

Dashboard centralizing all your data (analysis, messages, authors of generated content, posts)


At a glance, find out how many posts your content has generated, how many of them are hateful, positive or spam. Find out how many messages you have received and examine the type of comments they are. You'll know if the content is hateful, positive or spam.

Visualization of all messages, hate, positive and polluting content

Smart moderation

Use to hover over the generated messages, filter them based on their ranking and find out what actions were taken based on the nature of the messages.

Smart moderation that detects potentially toxic content with advanced contextual analysis and identifies typos, misspelled or censored words, abbreviations and emojis.

Fans engagement

Learn more about how your community members interact with your content, find out who supports you the most and quickly block those who pollute your content.

Posts' Performances

Deep dive into your posts' engagement and adjust your social content strategy accordingly! See which posts generate the most supportive and hateful reactions and easily make data driven content decisions.

"Smart moderation examples:  ""We can play basketball with your nostrils"" = Hateful, Insult ""This video is f***ing amazing !!"" = Supportive ""Duuude, ur forhead is as big as a stadium"" = Hateful, Insult  "

Stop the content that hurts your fan experience and revenue

Analyze, understand, decide

Get real-time statistics and advanced semantic analysis to understand your players' behaviors. Spot trends to inform your content and community management decisions.

Offer an unforgettable emotional experience to your community

The role of social media in your relationship with your sports fans is central. They are counting on you to live an exceptional sporting experience. Make the social media experience a priority in your digital marketing strategy. Make sure your fan communities are not exposed to any toxic content.
Live Sports Moderation
Computer with six avatars and a tab protected by a shield

Avoid bad buzz and increase your revenues

Grow your audience exponetially and ensure your partners are never associated with hateful or polluting content. We provide premium protection against toxic content so that none of your posts or sponsored content is exposed to the risk of bad buzz.

Stop online abuse and protect your team

Our experts in the sport industry are here to help you connect Bodyguard to your social medias and create a safer space for your supporters and athletes

We've got your back

On average, 3 players per team are underperforming due to negative and toxic comments. Protect your players and their family. Prevent them from being injured online the same way you do on the pitch.
When your club is affected by hateful content, your brand image will take a hit
Good e-reputation is key when it comes to sponsor support and revenue.