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All-around protection with a full solution - look after your players, your staff, your brand and your sponsors.

Don’t let toxic content destroy you.

On average, 3 players per team are underperforming due to negative and toxic comments.
Top-level executives are often the target of online attacks, indicating a bigger problem.
When your club is affected by hateful content, your brand image will take a hit.
Good e-reputation is key when it comes to sponsor support and revenue.


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Expert in individual protection
Accompanying over 55k people in Europe and North America on Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Twitch, Facebook. From players and executives, to sports journalists.
Real-time alerting system
Know immediately who is at risk and act on it. Insightful and actionable data around your team and staff: protect the players who are under media scrutiny.
E-reputation protection
Integrating with your social networks and own platforms to preserve e-reputation. Full hate content snapshot to inform your next steps.
Sponsorship revenue augmentation
Keep your sponsors happy and attract new ones. Provide them with player audience data to enable successful branding and marketing opportunities.

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