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Error Handling

Retry policy

When Bodyguard tries to send a Notification to your endpoint, if there is a failure, the Retry policy is triggered.

The goal of this system is to try again to send the Notification, and if it remains impossible over a certain time, the Webhook is BROKEN and it is up to you to fix it.

The total retry time is around 36h.

How it works

At the first failure, a Warning email is sent to you to notify the communication problem with your endpoint. Along this time, other Warning emails will be sent if the problem remains.

If the problem is fixed within the retry time interval, a Recovery email will also be sent to you, saying that everything is back to normal.

Otherwise, at the end of the retry strategy, if the problem is still not fixed, you will receive a last email notifying you that your webhook is now BROKEN (see Webhook statuses for more informations).


Once the full retry time has been spent, there are 2 use cases:

  • Another notification could be sent without error

    • You receive a Delivery failure email

    • The webhook is still ENABLED,but you should investigate to find out why a notification has failed

  • Strictly no notification has been sent successfully

    • You receive a Broken webhook email

    • The webhook is BROKEN, so in order to receive notifications again, you have to fix it

While the status of the Webhook remains BROKEN, no more Notification will be sent to this Webhook. So, upon receiving a Warning email, you MUST go to the Dashboard to get more informations about the problem, and fix it to receive Notifications again.

Once fixed, and saved, the status of the Webhook will be switched again to ENABLED, and Notifications will be sent again.

Email examples

Here are some examples of emails that can be sent upon webhook failures.

Warning email

This email is send at the first failure, and once in a while during the full retry time.

Recovery email

This email is send if after a failure, the notification could be sent successfully.

Broken webhook email

This email is send after the full retry time, when the notification has never been sent, and no other notification could be sent either.

Delivery failure email

This email is send after the full retry time, when the notification has never been sent, but with another notification sent.