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A Webhook is triggered by one or multiple events you can subscribe to:

Event nameDescription
MESSAGE_UPDATEDTriggered when a Message is updated within a Channel
CONTENT_UPDATEDTriggered when a Post is updated within a Source
AUTHOR_UPDATEDTriggered when an Author is updated within a Source


The secret can be used for security purpose. See the Security section for more informations.


The contact field is required on each new webhook subscription. It is used for alerting purpose in case we encounter any issue reaching your endpoint.

It must be a user registered to your company on the Dashboard.

Custom headers (optional)

Custom headers allow to send additional data through Webhooks.

While setting up your Webhook, you can provide some Key - Value data that will be forwarded to your endpoint.

Custom Headers are NOT meant to forward big data.

Webhook statuses

Each Webhook has a Status that describes its current state. Here are the different values:

ENABLEDWebhook is active and ready to receive Notifications.
DISABLEDWebhook is inactive, notifications won't be sent. This value can be set from the Dashboard.
BROKENWebhook is broken, notifications won't be sent. Bodyguard's API has not been able to notify your endpoint after many retries.

The BROKEN status is automatically set. To enabled the Webhook again, you will have to check and fix the issue. Then, go to your Dashboard and manually enable it.