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Webhook setup from your Dashboard

First of all, log in to your Dashboard.

Go to the Settings page by clicking the small gear at the top of the page.

Click on the Webhooks section from the left menu.

From the Webhook configuration page, click on Add webhook + and a new Configuration form will appear.

You can find more informations about each fields on the following sections:

Note that the Secret encryption is automatically generated. You can set your own or generate new ones with the Generate button.

Before registering, the webhook must be tested by clicking the Test integration button. This will trigger a test notification (see the Challenge section).

If everything goes well, the Enable integration button becomes available.

Once done, your webhook is ENABLED, and ready to receive notifications. See Webhook statuses for more informations.


Here's an example of a webhook that points to a given URL that will receive notifications on Message updates:

You can also configure Author and Post updates for the same webhook, or add another webhook with different paths to handle other events.