raises funds and strengthens its teams to continue protecting the Metaverse

After a first round of funding in 2019, continues its growth by choosing Keen Venture Partners, Ring Capital and Starquest Capital, for a new round of funding of 9 million euros.



Paris - March 10, 2022 - With more than 700 million people protected worldwide, the online moderation expert wants to consolidate its role in the metaverse to define and deploy moderation in Web 3.0. To do so, the French startup, which has opened 3 offices in France, one in Los Angeles and has plans to open a new one in London soon, is recruiting talent to double its workforce in 2022.'s mission is to build a better Internet. Today, I am proud of the mobilization of our ecosystem to develop our solutions, adapt them to new uses and contribute to the building of Web 3.0. It is essential that the Internet is a space where everyone can feel safe, no matter who they are or what they believe in

Charles Cohen, CEO and founder of a unique technology at the service of people

Since the creation of its popular mobile app in 2018, has emerged as THE technological solution capable of fighting online hate. In 2021, launched a B2B offering for businesses and has since continued to develop its solutions in an effort to achieve the perfect combination of human and artificial intelligence.

With linguistic expertise, advanced contextual analysis, and technological capabilities to accurately moderate more than 95% of toxic content in real-time (less than 200 milliseconds), the artificial intelligence developed by detects and moderates a plethora of hateful content including threats, racism, misogyny, insults, physical mockery, LGBTQI+phobia, moral and sexual harassment, and “polluting” content (spam, scams and unwanted ads that hinder the quality of interactions).

While 40% of users disengage from a community at the first exposure to toxic content, has already become an essential ally for more than thirty international players in the media (M6 Group, Brut, Konbini...), entertainment (Jellysmack), gaming (Powder) and sports (French Professional Football League) industries. is at the heart of the Ring Mission philosophy, at the intersection of two underlying trends, impact and digital, which come together to address strong social and societal issues. By building on a unique technology with very high growth potential, especially in the United States, and a high-performance team aligned with a social mission, can make a significant contribution to solving a major societal issue: online hate.

Nicolas Celier, Partner, Ring Capital

A roadmap guided by the Metaverse...

An expert in moderation on Twitter, Facebook, Twitch, YouTube and Instagram, has privileged access to social platforms to provide optimal protection. Now, with the growing democratization of the Metaverse and the revolution it represents for our digital uses, turns to Web 3.0 with major technological challenges.

In anticipation and preparation for the Internet of the future, plans to be the partner of the companies of today and tomorrow who are concerned about adopting the codes of a responsible and benevolent metaverse. With its renowned client portfolio, and the interest and support of many investment funds, is taking advantage of this new round of fundraising to become the moderation solution for the Metaverse within the next 5 years.

This will result in:

  • the development of technology, a community management tool with an automated and personalized moderation system combined with an in-depth analysis of the community

  • the integration of audio, visual and video content into its technology, in addition to the textual content already supported

  •'s international expansion, including the United States and Europe, with the addition to the existing catalog of languages to its technology

Bodyguard's solution is well thought out: intuitive, adapted and efficient for customers. We are very proud to support this great team

Ben Verwaayen, General Partner, Keen Venture Partners LLP

… and driven by the recruitment of new talent

A social impact start-up, aims to build a positive digital world by leveraging technology. To accomplish this mission, the company is looking for talents with different profiles:

  • Engineers and developers of all backgrounds to build new products

  • Data and product experts to better understand and solve problems

  • Marketing, business and ops experts to continue to write the story and make it understandable

All Bodyguard jobs are available on Welcome To The Jungle

After a health crisis that has reshaped our priorities and in an increasingly digitalized world, is for those who want to participate in writing the story of a benevolent, responsible metaverse, synonymous with freedom.

We have been supporting since its inception. The team is incredible and growing fast. At Starquest, we put capital at the service of a collective good, it's great to be at their side to lead this project to build a more benevolent internet for everyone

Chloé Cohen-Aknine and Harold Dumeurger, VC at Starquest.

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