Game Camp France 2023: takeaways and talking points

Game Camp France returned for its sixth edition earlier this month, bringing together gaming professionals from around the world to share knowledge, insights and good gaming practices. 

The team

The team

A prestigious lineup of forty speakers presented on a range of subjects spanning the event’s five key categories: biz and marketing, game design, image and sound, product and HR, and technology.

The gaming team was there to hear first-hand about the latest gaming developments, current trends and future predictions, so we can ensure our gaming moderation solution is ready to meet the challenges of the industry now, and in the future.

Here, we share three takeaways and talking points from this year’s bigger-than-ever event… 

Generative AI is where it's at

Without a doubt, the buzz word at this year’s event was generative AI. It’s something that’s being talked about in nearly every aspect of the tech industry, and gaming is no exception.

Generative AI is helping indie game publishers step into the spotlight and closing the gap between smaller players and big publishers, who have traditionally dominated the market. 

Using generative AI, game developers can create high-quality content quickly, and sidestep the obstacles of limited budgets and resources which have made it difficult for indie studios to compete in the industry.

“There’s a lot of space for indie games studios right now”, says Camille Guillemot, Gaming Department Manager at “Some of the last big games that were released were indie games, so they are definitely bringing some fresh air and originality in the content they’re offering”, she continues.

It’s certain that generative AI will be useful for all game publishers, but it’s the indie game studios that can leverage it the most and emerge as the real winners.

France is at the forefront of gaming

France has always been a big player (pardon the pun!) in the gaming industry. In fact, it’s the third leading gaming country in western Europe, behind the UK and Germany. Global gaming smash hit Assassin’s Creed and the early noughties classic Dofus have French origins; and judging by this year’s Game Camp France event, the strong gaming tradition looks set to continue. 

“There has always been a big appetite for making French games and nurturing that ‘savoir-faire’”, says Guillemot. “There’s still an appetite for it”, she continues. “A lot of students and young people want to be in the industry and make games themselves. It’s very refreshing.”

Potential is there to be tapped into

This year’s keynote sessions showcased an impressive level of technical knowledge, in a direct reflection of France’s gaming expertise and talent. Government schemes aimed specifically at the gaming sector, such as the Video Games Support Fund (FAJV), will be vital in nurturing talent and unlocking that potential.

“I hope it will contribute to preserving the gaming expertise we have in the industry”, Guillemot concludes.

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