Moderation on social networks makes sense

A company’s online presence on social networks is at the forefront of its communication strategy. To build a strong community the content it delivers must be safe. The user (viewer, follower, fan…) must be happy with the information they are interacting with.

The team

The team

Why is social media moderation important for you?

There’s nothing more important than projecting a positive image to its users or prospective customers. This is why it’s essential for businesses to assure their users that whatever content they’re displaying has been through a reliable and trusted moderation service. Online moderation is an increasingly used tool to maintain retention.

Good to know: The Global Content Moderation Solution Market is expected to grow continuously over the coming years, reaching USD 14.6 billion by 2029.
Source: Data Bridge Market Research1

A safe online presence enables a business to grow and expand, resulting in more traffic, more users, more time spent on-site or on social media so more advertising revenue, and higher sales.

The dark side of social media and the damage it can cause

The internet can be a dark place and when used incorrectly social networks can be toxic places where users often feel unprotected and unsafe. Hateful content can damage an e-reputation and cause irreparable damage. 

Take the example of Love Island presenter Caroline Flack, who sadly committed suicide in 2020, believed to be a result of intense social media negativity. Her personal life was featured all over social media, and a frenzy of trolls decided to verbally abuse and attack her reputation. 

However, it´s not just celebrities that receive this negative attention. People use social media to vent their anger. Insults and abuse are posted freely with no regard for the stress and anxiety they can cause. Moderation is a way to stop this lasting damage. The company that moderates toxic comments is a socially responsible company.

Bodyguard offers your business a professional and thorough moderation service to give your users peace of mind they won’t encounter toxicity on your platforms. Whether on YouTube or Twitch videos or through Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook posts, content moderation should be a high priority. 

In an ever-increasing online competitive environment, the last thing a company needs is to receive negative feedback or bad buzz which can spiral into something bigger very quickly. That’s why businesses should prioritize safety and keep communities friendly.

The toll of toxic content on your business 

Users should be able to express themselves through free speech for a constructive debate without feeling intimidated or uncomfortable about what they’re reading or posting. 

Toxic comments can be powerful especially when they’re hiding behind the protection of a screen. Exposure to constant toxicity can have long-lasting effects on platform users which can result in them not returning to your social media sites, so you receive less engagement. 

From analyzing the hate and taking the relevant action against spam, obscene comments, racism, and homophobia to inciting violence, content moderation protect communities and business image.

Takeaway points to remember:

  1. Social media content moderation makes viewing safer for the target audience.

  2. Toxic comments can damage a business in seconds.

  3. Moderating content maintains engagement and builds reputation.