Don't control your kids, guide them!

Parental control is not always the right answer and sometimes it can add to the problem. Bodyguard helps you to protect your kids without being intrusive.

A Bodyguard for your family

Unfortunately there's a growing number of children being cyberbullied or cyberbullying, which often involves intimidation and/or humiliation. It is important to act swiftly to accompany your children in dealing with this tricky situation.
The Bodyguard technology protects your kids from hateful comments on social networks thanks to an automatic moderation.
Real-time notification
Be notified in real-time via email if your kids receive a comment from a bully, are authors of a hateful comment, or decide to change the mobile app’s protection settings.
Kids love their privacy and the fact they can be trusted (like everybody!). Under no circumstances will you have access to the content your kids post on their social networks (photos, videos, messages).

Let's create a dialog

Articles for parents
Receiving hateful comments can be very upsetting. We give you the keys to stay informed about new trends and risks on social networks, help you discuss these with your kids, support them and initiate simple conversations about safety and responsibility
Tutorial for kids
What is cyberbullying? What do I risk? What can I do if I am involved in a delicate situation? How can Bodyguard help me? We accompany your kids in their use of the internet

How it works

How it works

After subscribing to the service on our site, you will receive a confirmation email.
Download the app
Download the Bodyguard mobile app on your child's phone and then use the link provided in the email.
Activate the protection
Once the app is installed, add your child's social networks. If you choose "smart protection", the level of protection will be automatically set according to your child's age.
Get an alert
In case of harmful content or cyberbullying towards your child, you will receive an alert via email.
Let's go further together!
Bodyguard will accompany you to better understand social networks and facilitate the dialog with your child.

They trust us

The context

246 million young people are victims of cyberharassment worldwide.

Only 10% of the child victims talk to their parents about it.

The story

A one-of-a-kind collaboration


The Bodyguard solution for Families is the connection and synergy between :

  • the Institution represented by BNP Paribas Cardif whose mission is the insurance of individuals and families in addition to that of property.
  • the Education represented by Fare x Bene Onlus who is involved in activities and projects for awareness, prevention, and education on discrimination, harassment, and cyberbullying.
  • the Technology represented by Bodyguard AI which protects people in real time from online hate. The Bodyguard team is made up of a strong tech team, social networking experts, a sociologist, and NLP (Natural Language Processing) specialists.

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