Protect your family from hateful comments

The first technology that notifies you in real-time if your child is a victim or perpetrator of hateful comments on social networks.
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How does it work

Download the application
After subscribing to the service on our site, you will receive a confirmation email. Download the Bodyguard application on your child's phone and then use the link provided in the email.
Activate the protection
Once the application is installed, add your child's social networks. If you choose "smart protection", the level of protection will be automatically set according to your child's age.

- For 7-12 year olds, the level of protection is maximum and you will receive an alert if your child is a victim or perpetrator of hateful content.
- For 13-17 year olds, your child will have more freedom, they will be able to change the levels of protection or deactivate an option. You will then be informed.
Get an alert
In the case of harmful content or cyberbullying towards your child, you will receive an alert by email.
Let's go further together!
Bodyguard will accompany you to better understand and apprehend social networks and facilitate dialogue with your child.

The context

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246 million

young people are victims of cyber harassment in the world

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Only 10%

of the child victims talk to their parents about it.

The story

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An encounter

Born from a collaboration with BNP Paribas Cardif and the Fare x Bene association, the Bodyguard solution for Families provides parents with a tool to accompany their children on the web, to better understand the digital world, protecting them in real time from all forms of hatred on social networks.

Bodyguard for Families is the connection and synergy between :

  • The institution with BNP Paribas Cardif whose mission is the insurance of individuals and families in addition to that of property.
  • Education with Fare x Bene Onlus, who is involved in activities and projects for awareness, prevention, and education on discrimination, harassment, and cyberbullying.
  • Technology with Bodyguard AI that protects people in real time from online hate. The Bodyguard team is made up of a strong tech team, social networking experts, a sociologist, and NLP (Natural Language Processing) specialists.

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To promote dialogue between parents and children

In an increasingly interconnected world, the risks of the Internet for children and teenagers are ever-present. Cyberstalking, pornography, phishing, scams: surfing online can be dangerous, especially for younger ones, and help is becoming a necessity.

With Bodyguard’s solution for families, parents are notified in real time if their children are victims or perpetrators of cyber harassment.

Under no circumstances will parents have access to content posted by the child, but they will be alerted when they receive a comment from a bully (or if they are the author of a comment) or decide to change the application’s protection settings. The goal is to foster communication between parents and children, so that they can open up and share their online experiences, doubts and fears.

Bodyguard for families is a tool that accompanies both children and adults in their use of the internet, to educate and prevent the risks that come from gaming platforms and social networks.



Bodyguard for families

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