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Bodyguard at work

Smart and autonomous moderation for social media (comments, lives)
90% detection rate of toxic comments, with comprehension of context, nuances, SMS language, emojis, abbreviations, censored words and typos
Available in real time 24/7, real time moderation that eliminates toxic content before it reaches you
Constantly updapted
Daily improvement of the detection tool

Your space, your rules!

Individual or general?
Choose if you want our Bodyguard to protect only you, or everyone in your community who could be targeted by hateful content.
Fine-tuned moderation
Select what and how much you want to moderate: from the different toxic content categories to various severity levels.
Hate speech detection
Remove or hide toxic content you receive, based on its type: insults, threats, trolling, body-shaming, racism, LGBT+phobia, misogyny, hate, sexual or moral harassment.
Cut out the noise
Let Bodyguard take care of the unnecessary content you receive: promotional links, spam, scams - anything that pollutes your conversation space.
InsultsHigh protection
TrollingLow protection
Body-shamingHigh protection
RacismMaximum protection
LGBT+PhobiaMaximum protection
Sexual harassmentMaximum protection

What about the comments I receive?

Get rid of toxicity
Access your negative comments, decide to restore or delete them
Favor positive interactions
Read and interact with supportive comments from your community, form positive connections with them and follow them back with ease

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