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How Bodyguard protects you

Bodyguard gives YOU the power to choose and personalize your moderation rules.

Sexual harassment
Moral harassment
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Individual moderation
General moderation
Individual moderation :
you are protected against comments intended for you
General moderation :
your comment space is protected from any toxic content
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The latest comments deleted by Bodyguard
  48 mins ago • Insult
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  52 mins ago • Insult
Itachi c'est pas fait battre par shisui genre en entraînement ?quand ils étaient gamin
  52 mins ago • Insult
@AbdoulayeK3 Tout le monde se fout de ta gueule mon petit Taha 🤣🥳
  54 mins ago • Insult
@ZmidiT Con de ta race
  57 mins ago • Insult
@ZmidiT connard
  58 mins ago • Insult
@auroreberge Ferme ta bouche si je veux m'autoproclamer journaliste rien ne m'en empêche...putain LREM vivement que vous degagiez bandes de NAZE. A vomir vous êtes.
  1 hour ago • Mockery
  1 hour ago • Insult
@ZmidiT Tsa mère, la pute!! ou Ducon!!
  1 hour ago • Mockery
@AgagBoudjahlat Une indigéniste qui ose pointer ce statut 🤢🤮🤮 a vomir comme ta sale tête de jocker
  1 hour ago • Mockery
chichko sale gros va 😂😂😂

In the golden age of content, social media has become a staple when it comes to communicating and connecting with your networks. However, expressing yourself online also means being exposed to a multitude of opinions, from positive or supportive comments, all the way up to ridicule, insults, sexism, racism, threats all of which can ruin our online experience. And things don’t always stop online – negative feelings can cross over from our screens, and make their way into our daily lives. Receiving a wave of “mean comments” and having to manually moderate them is stressful. And that’s where Bodyguard jumps in.


The Bodyguard application protects against toxic written content for free on platforms such as Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Twitch. The application is available on iOS and Android, with over 50 000 people who already trust us. Bodyguard makes its technology available to help build a better online world by protecting people (content creators, individuals, influencers, public figures), families, and businesses (brands, platforms, websites) from hateful content. The application analyzes and blocks hate comments in real-time. Bodyguard gives YOU the power to choose and personalize your moderation rules. Say Bye to hateful comments, trolls, stalkers, and the negative vibes that they bring along!