Bodyguard is getting stronger with it’s new features

Célia Paris

Bodyguard, the free application that protects against cyberbullying on social media is launching three new features for a custom user experience.

Bodyguard: 20 million comments analyzed every month on social networks

While containment measures are being put into place in the four corners of the earth, social networks have played a key role in helping maintain social contact. Fitness challenges, artistic choreographies, funny videos as well as virtual tours inside public figures houses, online presence and content creation have reached historical levels. The Bodyguard application that has over 50 000 users in France, many young influencers, and content creators, but also public figures in the cultural, political, mediatic field, aims to protect as many people as possible from cyberbullying.

Since 2018, le Bodyguard application is available for free on iOS and Android, offers a model where technology is put in service of the common good. With just a few clicks, users choose which social network account they wish to moderate so that the Bodyguard technology can collect and analyze all the comments the user receives and blocks the comments that are found to be hateful. The application is available on Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Twitch, Mixer and the moderation parameters can be changed anytime by the users. A custom solution that appeals to users, over 97% giving the app a 5/5 rating on iOS and Android stores.

With over two years of manually analyzing hateful content found on social networks, Bodyguard precisely categorizes the nature of comments that circulates on social platforms. To be able to complete its mission and protect internet users to the best of its abilities, Bodyguard analyses over 20 million comments every month and blocks the ones that are found to be hateful.

To go even further and better the user experience, Bodyguard is announcing today, new features such as:

  • The possibility to create unique moderation rules tailored to each user for even better protection.
  • A redesigned application for an even easier customized moderation.
  • The universality of hate languages available in real time
    • Insults
    • Ridicule
    • Threats
    • Trolls
    • Racism
    • Hate
    • Homophobia
    • Sexual harassment
    • Moral harassment

Going off the principle that the computer or smartphone screen isn’t a strong enough barrier against the impact of hateful comments, Bodyguard is strengthening its commitment with more powerful and customizable technology for an ever more respectful and caring digital environment.