Protecting your audience

from online toxicity

Open up the debate on your platforms rather than let it be smothered with insults, threats and hate speech. Offer your readers a better experience.

How we can help

Protecting freedom of speech while moderating hatred

6 languages
Moderate your content in 6 different languages (English, Spanish, French, German, Italian & Portuguese).
is how long it takes our solution to moderate online content on any platform or social media
600 M
users protected wordlwide.

Striving for a safer media world

Solution that intelligently moderates content generated by online communities, in comment spaces on social networks and platforms, protecting them from toxic content.

Dedicated Workspace

Access all of your accounts from a space dedicated to you. Get detailed analysis on your community and act on it.

Dashboard centralizing all your data (analysis, messages, authors of generated content, posts)


Examine the split of hate, positive and spam messages generated by your subscribers and your community.

Visualization of all messages, hate, positive and polluting content

Smart moderation

Discover the messages generated by your community, their classification and the actions taken by Filter them to focus on a particular type of comment: hate, positive or spam.

Smart moderation that detects potentially toxic content with advanced contextual analysis and identifies typos, misspelled or censored words, abbreviations and emojis.

Community engagement

Get to know your community members and how they interact with your content. Find out which members of your community are producing positive content and quickly block those who are polluting your content.

Facilitate constructive conversations with your Media

computer with four people talking to one another live in separate tabs

Protect your livestreams

Your activity frequently generates many live messages? automatically moderates millions of comments in seconds across major social networks and any platform

Monitor, track, understand

Get instant analytics to help you understand your community's behaviors. Discover the trends to define the right content and community management strategies!

Offer your audience a toxicity-free experience

Our media industry experts are at your disposal to connect Bodyguard to your different channels and help you focus on growing your audience

How we can help

Provide a quality media experience
Internet users have never needed so much information and they have a seemingly infinite number of mediums to get it from
Develop your Brand content
To get organic reach on social networks and your media platform, promote interaction, encourage exchanges and debate, discussions between users about an article, highlighting different points of view, requests for clarification, information or criticism
Maintain freedom of expression
Stop what is not constructive: insults, threats and hate speech. Moderate toxic content and hate speech, but never interfere with your communities' freedom of expression