About us

Protecting people against toxic content.

Our story

Fighting for a more respectful & positive online environment

We have spent over 3 years developing and perfecting a technology solution to detect harmful content online. Our expert text moderation solution helps protect individuals, families and businesses against toxic content, cyberharassment and hate speech. Behind Bodyguard lies a team of dedicated and passionate people believing in the freedom of speech, in being able to express oneself and create content online.

Our values

We believe in the power of positive engagement and we want to promote a positive online behavior.
We want to empower you to express yourself freely online, to create content and share your opinions.
Social & solidary
Everything we do is rooted in a social commitment that we hold close to our hearts: that of ending online hate.
Our virtual Bodyguard has no skin color, no political orientation and no biases. We're here to protect you.

Our mission is to protect as many people as possible against toxic content online.

Our team

  • Charles Cohen

    Founder and CEO

  • Matthieu Boutard

    Managing Director

  • NLP Experts

  • Developers

  • Business & Ops managers

  • Data scientist

Our solutions

Bodyguard for Individuals

two phones with the app store logo on the left and the google play logo on the right

Protect yourself against toxic content on Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Twitch for free via an app.

Bodyguard for Families

Be alerted when your children are cyberbullied or cyberbullying, and get educational content around online safety.

Bodyguard for Businesses

Protect your business platforms and online communities against toxic content and generate more business value.

Awards and recognitions

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