About us

Protecting people against toxic content.

Our story

For any company, the Internet is a chance! It is an opportunity to communicate with its customers, users, or followers to better engage its online community. For brands and their community, this also means being exposed to toxic content. has developed an artificial intelligence technology that protects individuals, communities, and brands from toxic online content (hate, spam, fraud…). As the only contextual and autonomous moderation solution it automatically identifies and blocks in real-time 90% of toxic content targeting your social networks and platforms.

Our values

We believe in the power of positive engagement and we want to promote a positive online behavior.
We want to empower you to express yourself freely online, to create content and share your opinions.
Social & solidary
Everything we do is rooted in a social commitment that we hold close to our hearts: that of ending online hate.
Our virtual Bodyguard has no skin color, no political orientation and no biases. We're here to protect you.

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