API Documentation is an advanced moderation solution that allows you to effectively protect your online platform from toxic content.

With our API, you have the ability to define and regulate the type of content that is deemed inappropriate on your platform. This is achieved through contextual analysis, which categorizes the content accurately based on its context and meaning. is designed to be scalable, making it an ideal solution for both small- and large-scale platforms.

Whether you are running a community-driven website, social media platform, or any other type of online platform, provides the intelligence and control you need to ensure a safe and secure environment for your users.


To get started, make sure that you have created an account on and have access to your dashboard. Next, create a new API key in your admin settings and learn how to make requests for the action you want to perform using our HTTP APIs.


Getting started

Learn how to analyze content in a minute with the Api

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Learn all about vocabulary and classifications taxonomy

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Learn how to authenticate requests and access API features

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Learn about our API technical restrictions and optimizations best-practices

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Learn how to handle any types of errors returned by API

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Learn all about webhooks features and how to use them

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Learn about the analysis endpoint and how to create a request for text message diagnosis.