Provide your community with a social gaming experience focusing on what matters most: having a good time while playing.

Your challenges

A social experience


Gaming has become the biggest entertainment sector in the world, with social features such as chats being staples to the gaming experience. Community-based gaming demonstrates that the social aspect is the future of gaming. However, if you fail to provide a clean and inclusive community, you will completely miss out on delivering the social experience that your users are looking for.

Live protection


With social interactions playing such an important part in the gaming communities, the need for real-time moderation is unprecedented. You need a solution capable to handle large amounts of data and to provide instant results, whether for your chat rooms, in-game chat, forums or fan communities. What's more, this solution needs to be automated, as there is no way human moderation could cover the amount of data you're dealing with.

Right level of moderation


When it comes to gaming, the moderation needs are different to other industries. A certain language is part of the gaming experience. If you moderate your platforms too strictly and remove all keywords that could normally be considered problematic, you risk ruining your users' experience. But while you want to allow a certain degree of gaming language, you still need to strictly moderate anything like racism, homophobia, hate speech.

How we can help

Tailored moderation
Select the right level of moderation for your needs, from what content categories you want to moderate, up to how much or how little you want to moderate.
Filter out the negative
Choose to let gaming language through while removing harmful content like mysogynistic, racist or homophobic comments that drive users away.
Real-time protection
Protect any channel with live moderation - from chat rooms, to fan communities, in-game chat and live streaming.
Industry expertise
We partner with Twitch to protect their streamers and gamers. We are gamers ourselves and understand the industry specifics.

Let's start...

Let's start protecting your online communities and platforms.