Protecting players and preventing toxicity

Emphasize the great qualities of Gaming and build safe and inclusive worlds for your players to roam freely

How toxicity impacts the Gaming industry

92 %
of players think solutions should be implemented to reduce toxic behavior in multiplayer games.
40 %
of users will disconnect from a platform after as little as one exposure to toxic content.
70 %
of gamers experience harassment while playing online.

One solution to moderate all your channels

Unique Workspace

View all of your games and channels from one place. Get a detailed analysis of your community and players behaviour and interactions and act accordingly. Reward your most engaged users and block or ban the ones that only share toxic content.

Dashboard centralizing all your data (analysis, messages, authors of generated content, posts)


Moderate in real time (<200 milliseconds) millions of comments without impacting your game's performances. Deploy our solution quickly and easily thanks to our best-in-class API.
"Smart moderation examples:  ""We can play basketball with your nostrils"" = Hateful, Insult ""This video is f***ing amazing !!"" = Supportive ""Duuude, ur forhead is as big as a stadium"" = Hateful, Insult  "


See how many messages your gaming community has generated. Each messages being tagged as Hateful, Supportive or even as a Spam or Ads.

Visualization of all messages, hate, positive and polluting content

Powerful moderation

Focus your attention on positive behaviour by filtering on specific categories and only display comments identified as supportive. You can also see what type of comments have been removed by the solution.

Smart moderation that detects potentially toxic content with advanced contextual analysis and identifies typos, misspelled or censored words, abbreviations and emojis.

Players engagement

Find out who your most engaged players are and quickly block those who distract from your content.

Built for your challenges

Protect your live stream

With social interactions playing such an important part in gaming communities, the need for real-time moderation is unprecedented. Our automated moderation service moderates millions of comments in seconds whether it's on Twitch, Youtube, chat rooms, in-game chat, forums or fan communities and other social platform.

Cross-platforms & Multilingual

Moderate conversations in multiple languages (English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German and more) on all of your platforms; Mobile, PC, consoles & Cloud, without impacting your user experience.
Linguistic expertise in English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese with a 98% detection rate
computer with five bubbles with avatars, one smartphone and one console controller

Offer an outstanding social experience

It is time for you to create the best gaming experience for your users by offering social features. The social aspect is the future of gaming. If you fail to provide a clean and inclusive community for your users, you will miss out on delivering an outstanding social experience.

Analyze, understand and decide

Get live statistics to understand your players' behavior and interactions with our semantic analysis. Analyze your community trends to inform your content and community management decisions.

Start building a safer online world!

Our gaming industry experts are at your disposal to help you implement Bodyguard to your environment and help you build a toxicity-free experience to your players

How we can help

Keeping Gaming as the most dynamic and exciting entertainment across all platforms

Create a positive gaming experience
Internet users have never played so many video games and they have an infinite number of choices at their fingertips. Stand out from the crowd and make the gaming experience a strategic priority. Make sure you don't expose your community to any toxic content.
Don't cut yourself off from a part of your market!
Having the most inclusive community possible has become the number one challenge in the gaming industry. You have everything to gain from diversity and inclusion: larger audiences, better profitability, acquisition and retention.
E-Sport: protect your professional gamers
Preserve the mental health of your players. Protect your pro teams so they perform at their best. Keep your gamers free of haters so that their performance is not affected.