Protection adapted to your industry

Moderation solution that detects and moderates for you toxic content in real time

Social Platforms

two smartphones side to side

We help you encourage social interactions by making sure you provide your users a toxicity-free experience. All this without concern on the volume of user-generated content.


microphone with social interactions

Offer your readers & viewers the best content and let them engage with your news without fear of a backlash.


video game controller

The best in-game experience protected from hateful raids, trolling or any other toxic behaviour.


A piece of sport shoes

Protect all your staff from athletes to executives and secure your relationship with your sponsors & partners.


Pop corn with three bubbles for social interactions

Community engagement and feebdacks are key for content creation, toxicity is not. Expand your horizons and grow without restraints from haters.

Why moderation is key?

User acquisition
Protected platforms are 3 times more likely to keep their users and attract new ones.
Boost your revenues
The absence of toxic content, increased visits and browsing time lead to a 16% increase in advertising revenue.
Protect your brand
Protect your brand image, your users and your employees. Don't let your company or brand be associated with toxic content.