Your AI solution to detect, protect and understand audience interactions

Monitor interactions at scale to detect unusual activity, protect your community from all forms of toxicity with accurate, real-time content moderation, and make informed decisions based on business insights.

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Stay ahead with threat monitoring

Stay ahead with threat monitoring

Closely monitor every interaction and detect even the subtlest signals, through in-depth content classification. Contextual analysis provides insights into your audience's reactions, to help you anticipate and understand peaks in engagement. Toxicity evaluation of your posts combined with real-time alerting ensures you stay ahead of any communication crisis.

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Safeguard your brand value through community protection

Ensure a comprehensive protection of your social media assets, in any language and at all times. Bodyguard offers best-in-class content moderation with instant decisions and unrivaled accuracy. Effortlessly set up tolerance preferences for comments and authors, tailoring them to your audiences. Should a threat arise, our dedicated crisis unit takes over to mitigate any escalation before it harms your brand reputation.

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Community protection through content moderation
categories and classifications

Drive engaged conversations with audience understanding

Get your personalized dashboard and ready-to-use reports to track and analyze real-time data on your posts, comments and overall community. Utilize market metrics to position your strategy against industry leaders. Go beyond toxicity, fraud, and supportive segmentation by crafting your custom classifications and monitoring sensitive topics.

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