Drive engaged conversations with audience understanding

Drive engaged conversations with audience understanding

Crafting content that will resonate and boost engagement relies on knowing your audience. Bodyguard provides real-time community insights through a dedicated Dashboard, and additional in-depth analysis reports.

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Keep an eye on your community through real-time data

By selecting Bodyguard, you will immediately gain access to your personalized Dashboard. Our Analytics interface provides real-time data on comments, community, authors, and posts — all exportable on demand. Automate performance reviews by setting up recurring reports for your selected accounts, and benefit from the in-depth analysis provided by our Customer Success teams.

Classification capabilities
Analytics dashboard

Monitor and analyze conversations with advanced analytics

Take a first step into audience segmentation by quickly identifying who your brand ambassadors and detractors are. Leverage our 40+ content classifications to closely monitor specific time ranges of events or posts and know how your community reacts over time. Keep watch on customer experience with business-related classifications, and create your own to supervise sensitive topics.

Challenge your results thanks to market intelligence insights

Knowing your supportiveness and toxicity ratios is important, but gauging whether they align with industry standards is even more valuable. Take advantage of our proven expertise by benchmarking your results against your market peers. Compare progressions and contribute to the continuous improvement of our analytics capabilities.

Challenge your results thanks to market intelligence insights

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