Safeguard your brand value through community protection

Safeguard your brand value through community protection

A toxic comment does not only affect the quality of your interactions with your fans, it also reflects on your brand image and value. With Bodyguard, instantly remove toxicity, stop disruptive authors, and limit communication crises.

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Foster engaging interactions with continuous moderation

Bodyguard provides real-time content moderation, on all social media platforms and in more than 40 different languages. Set up moderation templates to adjust tolerance levels to your audience, and instantly enable protection, 24/7. Access a dedicated view of all comments with a detailed list of factors that determined the decision, and reverse any action you deem wrong.

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Enforce community rules with proactive actions on authors

Our technology allows instant comment removal but also encourages anticipation through proactive actions. Any disruptive author can be temporarily or permanently banned directly from a dedicated page of your Dashboard. Custom rules can be configured to take automatic and preventive actions on bots, spammers and toxic authors. In addition to bans available through social media, Bodyguard provides overruling muting actions to remove comments from a particular author without expelling them from your community.

Shorten and mitigate escalations with crisis management

If it usually results in comment escalation, communication crises can take many forms. Social media are fast-changing environments where expressions and emojis are often hijacked to infringe rules. When that happens, Bodyguard provides reinforced protection by quickly deploying custom rules to adapt automated moderation to a specific context. Human moderation can be enabled at any time to strengthen comment review, and an on-call team is assigned to you to help you deal with the situation.

Shorten and mitigate escalations with crisis management

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