Stay ahead with threat monitoring

Stay ahead with threat monitoring

When it comes to moderation, effective decision-making relies on monitoring interactions, understanding reactions, and taking quick action. That’s why our technology is armed with precise detection capabilities, enabling us to assess risks, alert about anomalous activity, and identify context nuances to make a decision.

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Make informed decisions based on contextual analysis

Context is key in evaluating whether a comment warrants removal or not. To provide the most accurate recommendation, Bodyguard mimics human analysis through three processing layers: evaluating the post’s topic, the user’s industry, and the comment’s target. Comments are then categorized and assigned severity levels, allowing you to adjust the tolerance settings at your convenience.

Contextual analysis of a comment
Post scoring interface

Prevent escalation by evaluating toxicity risks

If a previous post has sparked intense reactions, there is a high likelihood that another one addressing a similar topic will yield comparable results. Leveraging LLMs, Bodyguard assigns a risk score to your posts based on the previously analyzed responses. This scoring mechanism allows you to anticipate and stop negative comments and analyze the scores of your published posts.

Take notice immediately with custom alerting

On social media, communication crises often escalate before they’re noticed. Bodyguard empowers you to proactively manage these situations by setting up alerts for your chosen account(s), enabling swift responses to unusual activity on your posts. Receive instant notifications if a post generates an unexpected volume of reactions or higher toxicity levels. Similarly, be alerted to bursts of positive reactions to capitalize on communication opportunities.

Take notice immediately with custom alerting

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