Shielding the fast lane: How Alfa Romeo F1 Team Stake cultivates a safer, inclusive space for fans
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Safeguarding sports value online: How LFP teamed up with Bodyguard to foster positive online discussions

Discover why the LFP partnered with Bodyguard to foster enjoyable online discussions, ensuring that sport remains a source of pleasure for all.

Football fans are passionate about their club, players and the game. With emotions running high, toxicity can spill from the stands to online fan forums and social media.

The LFP chose to arm itself with Bodyguard's autonomous, AI-driven social monitoring and moderation solution, so they could fight back against any form of discrimination and online hate, create a safer, more inclusive online space and continue to promote the honorable values and high standards of sport. Bodyguard protects the LFP's, Ligue 1 Uber Eats and Ligue 2 BKT - amounting to over 23m followers across a variety of social media accounts - from all forms of online hate and harassment.

Safeguarding sports value online: How LFP teamed up with Bodyguard to foster positive online discussions

Clear mission and objectives

The LFP wanted to appease and stay ahead of the climate of hate that presents itself on social networks: particularly in the world of sport. They chose Bodyguard to protect their clubs, players, coaches and referees, who are regular targets of online threats. With rates of toxicity more than doubling on match days, effective moderation is vital to the LFP.

Foster a safe discussion space for fans

So that everyone can express their passion for the game freely, whether online or in the stands.

Fight against all forms of discrimination

Because racism, anti-Semitism, homophobia, sexism and other forms of toxicity have no place in sport.

Support young people and promote equality

By educating and improving their fan experience for a more inclusive, fair and positive football.

Results speak for themselves

messages analyzed to date
toxic messages identified
of messages removed

Real customers, real results.

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