The Bodyguard App

How does Bodyguard work?

For every social media account connected, you are the one who chooses the type of moderation that you wish to have (no external moderation) for every type of hateful content (insults, threats, trolling, body-shaming, hate, racism, homophobia, sexual harassment, and moral harassment).

You can also decide if you want the parameters to only apply to you (personal protection) or to your entire comment section (global protection).

How does it work for YouTube?

We find and analyze the latest comments left under your videos in real-time and block them if they are hateful.

How does it work for Twitter?

We find and analyze comments that you are mentioned in, in real-time and bloque them if they are hateful.

How does it work for Instagram?

We find and analyze the latest comments left under your posts in real-time and block them if they are hateful.

How does it work for Twitch?

We find and analyze the latest comments left under your videos in real-time and block them if they are hateful.

Does Bodyguard use up a lot of battery power?

Bodyguard uses up very little battery power because the app doesn’t need to be open for it to work: Everything is analyzed directly on our servers.

Do I need to turn on Bodyguard for it to start scanning my account?

No, Bodyguard scans your accounts every minute directly on our servers, there is no need for you to open the app: You are protected in real time 24/7.

What’s the difference between intelligent moderation and personalized moderation?

Bodyguard has been analyzing hateful comments for years and believes that it is offering you the best moderation that adapts itself to you personally. However, you can personalize your moderation rules anytime in the settings.

How many accounts can I protect using Bodyguard?

As many as you would like! All you have to do is click on “add an account” on the homepage. To make things easier you can keep the same moderation parameters in just one click.

Why does it ask for my age?

Your age allows us to differentiate between adults and minors so that we can offer the best protection possible.

Is it free?

Bodyguard is 100% free and will always be that way! No ads either!

I love the concept, how can I help?

You can help by sharing the app on your social media, and of course by giving us a 5-star rating on iOS and Android stores.

Bodyguard and your social networks

Do you have access to my social media account log-in details?

No. You only allow Bodyguard to analyze your comments and delete them if they are hateful.

Does bodyguard protect my Lives?

Yes, Bodyguard protects your Lives, videos and streaming from hateful messages, ads and spam in real time.

Do you use my account?

No, never!

Where can I find the deleted comments?

They are accessible on your account with just one click. However, they’re not great comments to read, so think twice before going in there.

Why am I asked to allow the app to post on my behalf?

Giving us access to post, hide, or block a user is all part of the same set of authorizations that can not be asked for separately. It is true that you have to give us the right to write on your social media accounts, which theoretically would give us the possibility to do so. However, we will never post for our users. Without this authorization, we can not act. Our sole objective is to delete or hide received comments.

When will I be able to connect my Facebook, Reddit, Discord, TikTok, Mastodon…?

Some platforms do not allow us to protect you just yet but we are working on it to develop the app on other social media platforms that you use so that we can protect you for free and in real time from online hate.

Would it be okay for me to talk about you on my social network (accounts)?

At Bodyguard, we strongly believe that we can make the world a better place. We are a social enterprise. Many creators and influencers are already talking about us. It’s always fantastic when people talk about the app. You’ll see, it’s a rewarding mission. Visibility and engagement guaranteed! You can contact us via email:

The Bodyguard technology

What happens if a friend insults me as a joke?

Bodyguard also looks at the relationship you have with the person who tags you: if you follow this person, Bodyguard will do nothing, this way there will be no risk of blocking your friends.

How does Bodyguard differentiate hate from criticism?

Bodyguard’s mission is to protect your freedom of speech. The Bodyguard technology understands the difference and doesn’t block negative comments or criticism aimed towards you as long as they are constructive.

What happens if one of my followers insults my haters?

It’s taken into account in the statistics but hidden from you and your followers.

How can I test your technology?

You can let the demonstration video guide you or test your comments here.

Does Bodyguard take into account SMS language, typos, and emojis?

Yh! sure does 😉

Does Bodyguard decrease my YouTube video referencing?

No, it’s taken into account in the statistics but hidden from you and your followers.

Bodyguard made a mistake and blocked one of my contacts. What can I do?

If Bodyguard makes a mistake (very rare), you always have the option to unblock people or restore comments directly via the app. Once unblocked, the users are added to the whitelist, they will never be blocked again.

Bodyguard made a mistake. It has forgotten to delete a comment!

It can happen that our technology didn’t understand that this comment was hateful. The machine learns everyday. On the application you can indicate the comments that were not deleted by Bodyguard. We will be happy to investigate and add it to our technology. This will help us fine-tune our radars!

Bodyguard’s promise

What do you do with deleted comments?

They are not used for anything else except to improve the Bodyguard technology.

Do you keep the comments that are aimed at me?

Yes but for a limited amount of time, we need to keep them in order to be able to restore them if you want to within a certain given time.

Who do the deleted comments belong to?

They belong to you! Tell us if you have even the slightest question on this matter. Bodyguard respects the general regulations when it comes to protecting your personal data. More information about this on our Terms of Service.

Where can I find your Terms of Service and your Privacy Policy?

Click here for our Terms of Service. Click here for our Privacy Policy.

If the app is free, how does Bodyguard make a profit?

The app is free, and it will always remain that way. We are a social enterprise completely apolitical and independent. To fund Bodyguard, we offer our technology to businesses that would like to moderate their platforms or website. We have also won multiple prizes and received funding, which allows us to complete the mission that we gave ourselves and that we hold close to your hearts: end cyberbullying.