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How online toxicity affects your

Community health

Managing a game community is all about creating thrilling content to foster interactions and get players engaged. Yet, most community managers spend most of their time and energy moderating harmful, fraudulent or useless comments and miss on communication opportunities.

Focus on bringing value to your players: automatically removes all problematic content (hate, spam, scam, links…) in real-time. The overview of your interactions allows you to quickly identify the most toxic or positive posts, comments, and authors. Leverage data driven insights to fine-tune your strategy and easily share your improved engagement results with automated analytics reports.

Brand image

Games provide immersive experiences that your brand needs to reflect to attract players. Yet, we find that, on average, 1 in 10 comments is either spam, scam or hate.

In parallel, you want to hear the voice of your potential and existing players that are interacting with your brand and with one another. 

Set up your own moderation rules to fit your brand values and remove any comment that disturb engagement. also helps you identify opportunities to communicate with your players, as well as addressing criticism, anticipate and mitigate crises by receiving real-time alerts on sensitive topics or unusual toxic sharing peaks.

Player experience

You put much effort into ensuring a streamline, safe and engaging experience to keep your players entertained and focused on the game. Yet, 1 out of 5 players quitting a game does so because of toxic behaviors. Players who choose to stay may also be subject to toxicity, fraud, account information theft, or grey market links that disturb the overall you spend resources to build.

Focus on the few: 3% of players produce between 30% to 60% of toxic content across all types of platforms. Proactively and automatically ban toxic and fraudulent authors and bots that disturb the player’s journey and improve retention by focusing your resources on truly engaged players.

User acquisition

In gaming, social media are a vector for player acquisition, retention and re-engagement. You need to share creative content that fit game experience to attract new players, keep the existing ones engaged and reconnect with the ones who left. Yet, malicious actors exploit your platforms and make up for 10% of all interactions, disturbing your community experience with toxic, harmful and fraudulent content.

Monitor your community’s health with a clear overview of interactions and authors, and quickly take action by getting alerted of any unusual activity. Create thrilling content based on your real interactions to attract, keep and re-engage your players.

Bodyguard for Gaming

Redefining the way gaming studios protect and analyze their players' community at scale

Boosted user acquisition & retention
Reduce your player's churn and increase your new gamer acquisition by offering a toxicity-free gaming experience
Streamlined player experience
Provide an online gaming experience aligned with your studio's values and ensure your players' security
Highlighted voice of the customer
Learn more about what your community thinks about your game by identifying and analyzing their feedbacks in real-time
Enhanced game reputation
Do not let toxicity ruin your game or your brand reputation by implementing the leading moderation solution for gaming

Why your community managers can't handle it all

Toxicity Evolution
Constantly new methods to bypass platforms’ algorithms
Linguistic limitations
1/2 of the world's population speak 23 different languages
Each social page is a separated environment to protect
Comments volume
High volume of messages to review in a consistent way for a human brain
Mental health
Reading toxic content all day affects CMs’ mental health
Checking malicious links is time-consuming & cause security breaches for Gaming

Accurate & Real-time Moderation provides a 24/7 protection for your online community spaces against all forms of online toxicity (harmful & hateful, spam, scam, fraud, etc.) across platforms (Facebook, Instagram, X (ex Twitter), etc.). The software-only solution replicates human moderation and blocks toxic comments at scale, based on context severity and an automated contextual analysis. Using, you can protect your in-game playing experience and player engagement.

Community analytics and insights

With, you can now base your communication decisions on the intelligence about your online communities and enhance your fan experience. The solution automatically classifies all your user-generated content from multiple languages across 30+ classification and custom rules.

Real-time alerting allows you to easily monitor the voice of your fans and detractors as well as valuable insights across your online community spaces.

Gaming leaders are already protecting their community with

"Since connecting with the solution the game and chat have never been so lively and peaceful. There are no more harmful messages coming through the chat. We haven't seen that for six years."