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How online toxicity affects your:

Sports performances

You invest millions to ensure your athletes perform to their full potential and mitigate all external factors. Yet, 68% of athletes use their social networks prior to a game (Journal of Sports Sciences) and 50% report being victims of cyberbullying and online abuse (FIFA study, 2022), with a direct impact on the concentration disruption component of sport anxiety.

With, you can maintain your athletes focus on the game by moderating online toxicity on their social pages and your club official networks.


Maintaining your ongoing revenues (ticket sales, licensing, sponsorships, TV rights) is vital for meeting your sport goals. Yet, we see a x10 increase in links shared among our clients’ official social pages this year: illegal streaming and IPTV, fraud and scam (ticketing, betting and counterfeit). In fact, the sharp segmentation of your official social networks makes them a popular target for malicious actors.

Besides affecting the experience of your most loyal fans, these illicit messages directly cause revenue shortfalls. provides you with a real-time detection and remediation of these links to protect your revenue streams from day one.

Fan experience

Your fans want to engage with your team, athletes, brand, and online communication. However, their overall community experience can be negatively affected when other users and malicious actors exploit your official networks to share undesirable content (harmful/hateful, streaming, betting, counterfeit links, spam, scam, etc.).

The engagement of your fans can also be compromised in difficult circumstances (bad results, communication crises, etc.). With, you can protect your fans by removing toxic content in real-time, identifying communication opportunities, and optimizing your crisis management.

Legal & Security

Online community spaces, like any other interface with the outside world, must be robustly protected against malicious actors. We discovered that 2/3 of the links shared on our clients' official pages redirect to illicit streaming or betting sites. The same methods to bypass the platforms’ algorithms can also outwit your moderation team, causing breaches to your IT network.

Other authors solicit your highly segmented online audience to buy tickets on the black market. Security and legal issues can arise because of the blindspot you have on the end buyer. ensures you maintain control over who enters the stadium and allows you to anticipate a violence peak before the game.

Digital performance

Your official social pages are the place where you can engage with your fans online. Yet, we find that 7% of the reactions to our clients’ organic and paid posts are either hateful, harmful, spam or scam (+97% since last year) . You don’t want these invaluable messages to affect the overall performance of your campaigns (ROAS and engagement rate) and jeopardize the conversion of your most loyal followers. ensures you base your campaign decisions on engagement that matters by removing unwanted reactions.

Bodyguard for Sports

Redefining the way sport clubs analyze and protect their online community at scale

Safe fan experience
For a safe fan experience and enhanced fan engagement with your brand
Athletes’ protection
Players’ morale protection is essential to maintain performance on the pitch
Revenue stream protection
Protect of all of your revenue streams with one solution (merchandising, ticket sales, TV rights, etc.)
Industry expertise
To ensure a contextual and best-in class moderation across all your channels our team of linguists monitor the trends in sports

Why your community managers can't handle it all

Toxicity Evolution
Constantly new methods to bypass platforms’ algorithms
Linguistic limitations
1/2 of the world's population speak 23 different languages
Each social page is another environment to protect
Comments Volume
High volume of messages to review in a consistent way for a human brain
Mental Health
Reading toxic content all day affects CMs’ mental health
Checking malicious links is time-consuming & cause security breaches for Sports

Accurate & Real-time Moderation provides a 24/7 protection for your online community spaces against all forms of online toxicity (harmful & hateful, spam, scam, fraud, etc.) across platforms (Facebook, Instagram, X (ex Twitter), etc.). The software-only solution replicates human moderation and blocks toxic comments at scale, based on context severity and an automated contextual analysis. Using, sport clubs protect their fan experience and engagement, their players’ morale, their brand values and their revenue streams (merchandising, ticket sales, TV rights, sponsorships).

Community analytics and insights

With, you can now base your communication decisions on the intelligence about your online communities and enhance your fan experience. The solution automatically classifies all your user-generated content from multiple languages across 30+ classification and custom rules.

Real-time alerting allows you to easily monitor the voice of your fans and detractors as well as valuable insights across your online community spaces.

Dozens of sport leaders are already protecting their community spaces with

"Our activity is very mediatized, it generates a lot of passion and live messages, especially during football matches. has enabled us to measure the rate of hate messages received every day and to deal with them in a few seconds."

Director of External Communications and CSR - LFP