Analytics Reimagined: Dive into Bodyguard's Advanced Analytics Dashboard

It’s finally here.

Following months of planning, development and hard work, Bodyguard analytics have been reimagined, reinvented and refreshed for 2024. 

The new dashboard is packed with additional analytics features and new insights which are designed to bring you closer to your online communities than ever before. 

The Bodyguard team

The Bodyguard team

Why have we improved our moderation analytics?

Our aim was to give you the data and insights you need to understand your audience in a more meaningful way, and make more informed decisions about your social media and content strategies, all in one convenient place.

The updates and changes are based on feedback from our users, and research carried out with them over many months.

The existing charts that you’re familiar with have been extended and re-modeled to be even more useful. Plus, news ones have been created to deepen your understanding of your online communities and interactions with your brand. 

We also wanted to make it easier for you to share your data with colleagues and relevant teams within your business, so you can act on it in the best possible way.

Let’s take a look at some of the biggest (and best!) changes you’ll find to our analytics, in the dashboard right now…

What’s new in the Bodyguard dashboard?

New rankings

We have created new lists which rank the most positive and toxic authors and posts across your platforms.

These insights let you nurture relationships and cultivate loyalty with your biggest brand ambassadors, and identify brand detractors. You can easily see the kind of content which generates the best and worst response in your audience, too. 

You can now see lists of your:

  • Top 5 toxic users

  • Top 5 positive users

  • Bad buzz posts

  • Good vibes posts

We also show your top five most followed social accounts at any time, and the evolution of follower growth across all platforms. This means you don’t have to log in to each separate platform to see this information; it’s all available within Bodyguard analytics. 

Page layout and navigation

There is a lot of new information in our dashboard, and we want you to be able to find what you’re looking for quickly and easily.

With that in mind, we have made changes to the dashboard layout and how you move around it, which means we can bring you this info in a way that is easy to digest.

  • New sections in the Analytics page: we have clearly compartmentalised your insights into four sections - overview, moderation, community and engagement - to give you more clarity and visibility of your most important data.

  • New hierarchy of information: data is now grouped together in one of the four sections described above, so you can instantly understand its relevance and where it fits in the picture of your social media activity. We’ve also created a hierarchy of information by adding additional pages with more granular detail within these sections, so you can deep dive further into your analytics.

  • Interactive pages: for even more detail on how your comments have been moderated, you can now click inside charts to be instantly redirected to the associated messages, authors and post pages, which will display the same date range and pre-selected filters as the page you’ve just come from. No more having to select filters each time you move around the dashboard.

More in-depth data

One of the most noticeable changes to our dashboard is the depth of data that’s now available, and how easy it is to access and share.

  • Export charts in a variety of formats: whatever format you need to view and share your data in, now you can. CSV, PNG, JPG and PDF exports are all supported, so you can export charts to include and present in your business review or weekly reportings.

  • Compare data against yourself and your industry: compare moderated comments against the previous time period to see the ratio of comments that were kept and removed, the volume of comments received, and your follower evolution. You can also compare your stats against your industry average, to see your positioning and identify areas for improvement.

  • Author information: see the total number of commenters on your page, plus whether they are new (i.e., have never commented before) or returning (have commented on your page before). With this data, you can gauge the level of engagement in your community, and whether it is widespread across your audience of if most interactions are by the same people.

And as always, our dashboard updates in real time, so you know that the data you’re seeing is always accurate and current.

How do the changes benefit our users?

With these new capabilities, Bodyguard has taken strides to become the ultimate moderation tool. These insights bridge the gap between traditional social media analytics and the data you really need to make the best decisions about your online community management. 

All of your most useful community insights, for all of your social media accounts, are now in one place, so you don’t have to connect other tools or log in and out of each social platform to see what is happening, saving you huge amounts of time and effort.

You can also compare activity across accounts much more easily; there’s no need to copy and paste data into spreadsheets to compare behaviour between platforms. 

With our actionable data insights, you can also improve your communication campaigns by creating more of the content that works best for you, cultivate brand loyalty by identifying your biggest brand ambassadors, and keep control of brand detractors by banning toxic users immediately.

See the new dashboard in action

Our Knowledge Centre has even more details on all our new features, so you can quickly become familiar with everything in the new dashboard. Our product tour is available now in the app.

If you’re new to Bodyguard and would like to see our analytics in action, ask us for a demo. Our team can’t wait to take you on a tour of the new features and share more about the value you can get from our new analytics!