December 19, 2023

Bodyguard elevates content moderation with new language features

By Gracia Kahungu
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From the beginning, it's been Bodyguard's mission to protect as many people as possible from the harmful effects of online toxicity. We do this through our unique technology and its advanced ability to detect, analyse and remove toxic content in multiple languages.

For all of our partners seeking to moderate their platforms, Bodyguard provides the very best content moderation thanks to its dedicated NLP team, in six main languages: French, English, Spanish, German, Italian and Portuguese.

But we have always recognized the need to be able to moderate content in more than just these languages, and offering more has always been part of our plan.

Content moderation now in 38 languages

With this in mind, we have recently expanded our language capabilities to further improve the quality and accuracy of our content moderation solution. We have expanded our language moderation capabilities to now be able to detect and moderate a total of 38 languages, including Ukrainian, Russian, Chinese, Japanese and Arabic.

Why? Well, toxicity doesn't just occur in one or two languages.

Brands and organisations with operations in multiple countries or large international followings will have an audience that speaks (and can spread toxic content) in a variety of languages.

Your posts will also be viewed by people from all over the world. This is great for visibility, but it's even more incentive to make sure that toxic content can be moderated in a number of languages, to protect your global audience - and your brand reputation - from harmful toxicity.

Certain industries also attract followings in specific parts of the world. In sports, for example, a football team may have a large audience outside of where it is located. For this reason, it's important that our customers can have reliable content moderation in the languages that are most relevant for them.

However you look at it, not being able to protect your international community from toxicity would be a major loss. Not only that, with content moderation in multiple languages, you will be able to:

  • maintain a brand image that truly represents what you stand for.
  • make your brand more appealing to a global community.
  • tailor your moderation to suit your exact needs.

New instant message translation feature

In addition to being able to moderate a larger number of languages, Bodyguard now allows you to translate messages directly in the dashboard, helping you to better understand your community.

You no longer have to copy and paste every message into a separate website translator to understand them. With one simple click on the “show translation” button, the message is instantly translated. 

Switching back to the original language is just as easy, with a simple click on “show original message”. Users can choose to translate all the messages on a page, or a single message at a time.

The new translation interface is similar to those found on different social media platforms; but the main benefit is that you no longer have to switch between all those different tabs. Everything you need to moderate and efficiently nurture your online community is all in one place.

This new translation feature also takes into account the language diversity you may have within your company. The instant translation is based on the user's default browser language, making it easy for more than one person in your team to take full advantage of the new language detection tools.

How can you use the new language features?

At Bodyguard, we are always working to improve our solution and bring even more value to our users. Our new language moderation capabilities are just the latest update to take our content moderation to the next level.

We give you the tools and the power to keep on fostering bigger and better online communities, which are free from toxicity and represent your brand in the best possible way.

Our new language features are available in addition to our Premium languages. To find out more on the new language releases and how you can make the most of them, contact us. 

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