June 10, 2024

From vision to mission: Bodyguard's path to purpose-driven success

By Charles Cohen
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I founded Bodyguard six years ago with a clear mission: to create safer, more inclusive online spaces.

This commitment has been the cornerstone of our efforts ever since, driving us to develop cutting-edge solutions that protect individuals, brands, and businesses from online toxicity and threats. Every step we take is aimed at preventing digital interactions from becoming flashpoints for crises.

What started as a mobile app for individual users has since transformed into the leading AI solution for social media monitoring and moderation, growing alongside and adapting to the increasing complexities of online interactions.

The Bodyguard journey in a nutshell

Bodyguard's journey has been one of dynamic growth and pivotal shifts. Whilst I initially envisaged an app exclusively for individual users, the clear demand for more robust, scalable solutions soon led me to redefine Bodyguard’s offering, and to cater extensively to businesses.

This shift wasn’t merely a change in direction: it was a strategic evolution and a conscious decision to safeguard as many people as possible, by protecting some of the world’s most viewed social media pages.

By 2023, we had established Bodyguard as a trusted partner for major brands, continually enhancing our technology to include intelligent moderation and predictive analytics.

This evolution wasn’t just about scaling up: it was about aiming higher and reaching further to ensure that each one of our clients - regardless of size or sector - had a powerful ally in the digital world.

Adapting, learning and evolving as we grow

In 2024, Bodyguard made a significant transition to an enterprise-centric approach, establishing a global presence and solidifying our leadership position. We now boast hundreds of clients worldwide, with a focus on brands and luxury.

To support this growth, our team has expanded to over 40 employees, who all share the same passion and dedication to advancing the company’s mission as myself.

A mission-driven company, guided by our values


Bodyguard is first and foremost, a mission-driven company. That mission is simple but profound: to create a safer and more inclusive place for online communities - for the people who use them, and for the brands that rely on them. This mission drives everything we do, from developing pioneering technology to fostering partnerships with diverse brands.


Just as important as our mission, are our values. Our values define who we are and guide every action that we take, not only for the company but for our customers, too.

  • Empowering trust: Trust is the foundation of what we do. It binds us together and empowers our team - and clients - to overcome online toxicity and create a brighter future.
  • Cultivating excellence: We strive to continuously improve and innovate. We challenge the status quo while adhering to best practices and sharing knowledge.
  • Fostering positive impact: We champion freedom of speech and celebrate diversity, whilst ensuring that online interactions stay safe and respectful, and the internet remains a force for good.

Delivering what our customers need: the true value of Bodyguard

In response to the growing need of brands to preserve their image and protect their online communities, we recently took some time to reflect on Bodyguard’s current and future direction. As a result of that, we’ve refined our offering.

This evolution is a natural progression for us, and positions Bodyguard as the leading partner for brands seeking to protect their brand desirability and forge better connections with their online community. Bodyguard today is built on three pillars:

  • Detect: Bodyguard detects, analyzes, and alerts you in real-time to illegal, toxic, or rule-breaking content on your digital platforms, allowing you to anticipate crises before they begin.
  • Protect: Bodyguard removes illicit content in real-time, leveraging artificial intelligence and human expertise for incredible accuracy. Your brand desirability and reputation are protected at all times.
  • Understand: Bodyguard goes further by offering audience insights and analysis for online communities. This presents users with unique data and strategic trends to help you gauge audience sentiment, shape your content strategy and manage your online image daily.

This enhanced offer has been created to better address current digital challenges. It’s the result of several years of expertise in studying hateful and toxic content, combined with a clear and forward-looking vision of the digital ecosystem.

Bodyguard delivers our value proposition by taking a tech-first approach that keeps us at the cutting edge of innovation. We firmly believe that to provide the most precise moderation, you must leverage the most precise technology. For us, this means building generative AI in-house, in Bodyguard's inimitable way, to ensure we can provide the most accurate moderation and impactful insights for customers.

Insights and protection for brands and their communities

By protecting users on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, X (formerly Twitter), TikTok, LinkedIn, Twitch, and Discord, Bodyguard ensures that each post, comment, and share contributes to a healthier online conversation, and better engagement.

This extensive protection isn't just about numbers: it's about real-world impact. Every comment analyzed is a potential crisis averted. Each alert helps protect brand desirability.

The future of Bodyguard: pioneers in social monitoring and moderation

Looking ahead, Bodyguard is excited to continue our mission of creating safer, more inclusive online communities, and bringing our customers closer to their audience.

The digital landscape is constantly changing, and so are the challenges that come with it. By staying at the forefront of technological innovation and sticking to our core values, we aim to expand Bodyguard’s global reach and impact even further, empowering more brands and communities to thrive in a safe digital ecosystem.

Our ongoing efforts to refine and enhance our solution mean we can continue to meet your needs, in an increasingly complex online world.

As we grow, we're dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in digital safety and community management.

To see how Bodyguard can protect and enhance your brand desirability, and give you a better understanding of your online communities, book a demo on our website.

AboutCharles Cohen

Charles founded Bodyguard in 2018 to combat cyberbullying and protect internet users from online toxicity. Under his leadership, Bodyguard has become the world’s leading social monitoring and content moderation solution, safeguarding social media for global brands and billions of followers. A Forbes 30 under 30 honoree, Charles is dedicated to balancing free speech and protection from hate, and regularly speaks at industry events and in the media.

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