May 29, 2024

What happened at VivaTech 2024

By The Bodyguard Team
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Viva Tech, Europe’s premier startup and tech event, returned with a bang in 2024, showcasing the latest advancements and disruptive technologies from May 22 to 25 at the Porte de Versailles in Paris. The event featured more than 13,500 and attracted over 165,000 attendees from 160 countries. And we were right in the midst of it all!

Bodyguard x LVMH Collaboration

LVMH is a founding partner of VivaTech. Each year, the group’s maisons join LVMH at their prestigious booth to showcase their latest brand innovations. LVMH also hosts their esteemed Innovation Awards, to recognize promising startups in France and beyond.

For the Bodyguard team, this year’s event was the perfect chance to showcase why we are pioneers in the world of content monitoring and moderation, and to shine a spotlight on our collaboration with LVMH group and their much-loved brands or ‘maisons’.

Since joining the ninth cohort of LVMH’s La Maisons des Startups accelerator program in June 2023, Bodyguard has been working closely with brands that are part of the LVMH group to find the most innovative and effective ways to safeguard their social media pages, and bring them closer to their audience.

Our AI-driven solution instantly and accurately detects and removes toxicity on their social media, so that LVMH can protect their reputation in the online space. Providing social media monitoring capabilities as well as moderation, our in-depth community insights let LVMH monitor activity and audience sentiment on their social networks, by providing vital data into the behaviour of their online community.

Ensuring online safety during Paris 2024 Olympics

As a premier partner of the Paris 2024 olympics and paralympics, it has never been more vital that LVMH protect their reputation and online spaces from toxicity. Bodyguard has been chosen by LVMH to be their ‘online guardian’, and safeguard their online presence during what is set to be a period of intense social media activity and even geopolitical controversy, which could lead to online disruption.

Bodyguard can zero-in on a social media post featuring a picture of an LVMH Olympic Game ambassador, which is generating an unusual amount of toxic chatter, and decide to apply greater analysis to all other assets relating to it.

Bodyguard allows LVMH to anticipate online crises by capturing weak signals and automatically detecting and moderating toxic, dangerous and illegal content on their pages. Simultaneously, Bodyguard helps LVMH to meet their performance objectives, by providing data insights and analysis, follower evolution, and most and least toxic authors, which they can leverage to understand their audience, and especially their most valuable client segments.

Highlights from VivaTech 2024

Bodyguard’s Founder & CEO, Charles Cohen, took the stage in a live panel discussion on making social media more ethical with AI, alongside LVMH’s Digital Performance Manager, Sixtine Wittlin, and Head of Communication and Innovation, Juliette Leconte.

Charles Cohen at Viva Tech 2024

The discussion drew a significant audience who were eager to hear how Bodyguard has equipped LVMH to create better engagement with their online audience, and cultivate an online reputation which reflects the impeccable standards the group is known for in real life.

Sixtine shared that Louis Vuitton has particularly benefitted from Bodyguard's alerting system, which tells them in real time if there is unusual activity on their social media pages. She explained that this allows the brand to "take the best communication actions" to protect their brand reputation.

Louis Vuitton have also been impressed with Bodyguard's linguistic classifications, which allow them to be notified of brand-sensitive topics that are specific to the brand. Being able to identify comments relating to cultural appropriation, or animal welfare, for example, are especially beneficial in the luxury sphere.

A further highlight of our time at VivaTech was our interaction with Marina Ferrari, Minister of State for Digital Affairs of France, and Bruno Le Maire, Minister of the Economy and Finance. Our Founder & CEO, Charles, spoke at length to the ministers about the current landscape of online toxicity, why content moderation is essential in today's digital world, and Bodyguard's position as a disruptive and trailblazing French tech startup.

Looking ahead

VivaTech 2024 marked an incredible milestone for Bodyguard as we showcased our pioneering social monitoring and moderation solution alongside our esteemed partner, LVMH. The event provided a platform to demonstrate the power of our AI-driven technology in safeguarding brands' online reputations and fostering positive digital communities.

As we reflect on our achievements at VivaTech 2024, we are energized by the promising partnerships and opportunities that lie ahead. Our commitment to innovation and excellence drives us to continually push boundaries and redefine the standards of online safety and engagement.

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What happened at VivaTech 2024
By The Bodyguard Team |May 29, 2024
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