October 11, 2022

Investing in content moderation has a positive impact on your business

By The Bodyguard Team
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If you want to protect your brand and your e-reputation, then investment in the right content moderation is a key factor. With over 62.5% of the world’s population having access to the Internet, there is a lot of potential for online toxicity.

We live in a digital era where exposure to content is part of our daily lives, but there's no valid reason why any of us should have to deal with toxic comments.

In an online world where cyberbullying, threats and hate are rife, protecting your communities, your staff members (like Community Managers) by securing their experience with the right instantaneous and intelligent moderation solution is essential.

Content moderation breeds loyalty

Consumers who have a good experience on your platform or social media will return. A healthy community is built on trust and safety. When people trust a community, they are also more likely to express themselves freely. This loyalty is the key to maintaining a positive customer base and healthy relationships with partners. It is also the opportunity for companies to prove they have a social responsibility policy.

When a customer is looking to make a purchase or use a service online, they are not likely to follow up if they see toxic content from members of a community they may join, whether it relates to the brand or other members. 

Not only have you lost that opportunity to do things right, but the potential for others customers, as they may spread the word that there is toxic content on your platform.

Building trust to protect your business

Every brand has a vested interest in gaining more users and protecting their communities’ experience on their platforms and their engagement rate. 

In today’s volatile environment, consumers want to feel safe and protected. Security is important to a community because it keeps away illegal and dangerous online behaviour that could have devastating consequences without hurting free speech. An intelligent and automatic moderation solution that moderates comments in real-time, taking context into account, ensures that false positives are avoided, rather than the typical Learning Machine algorithms on current social platforms.

Modern organizations are all about building communities and listening to customers’ opinions. Many strategies invite consumers to be part of these objectives by becoming brand ambassadors, which is ideal PR for organizations. However, studies have shown that 40% of visitors will leave a platform that contains toxic and hateful content.

Your reputation as a business that does not tolerate toxicity is critical to maintaining healthy brand engagement. It also allows you to inform your followers about your toxicity zero-tolerance policy.

All this leads to customers encountering a positive business where they feel safe and comfortable. In turn, this will lead to conversions and a positive impact on your revenue growth

Key takeaway

Investing in Bodyguard moderation shows your desire to defend users from the vast range of toxicity that exists, and to put human safety first. As we moderate comments in real time and always regarding context, you secure free speech for your community and your relationships with partners. 

Bodyguard is capable of bringing content moderation to the next level. Our solution protects your community's experience and engagement, the mental health of community managers, revenue protection, and contributes to a better engagement rate and boosts acquisition and retention rates... 

Bodyguard is already a trusted partner for:

  • Media organizations - their social networks, platforms, as well as their journalists to help them do their work in order to avoid self-censorship.
  • Sports clubs - the club, staff members, and the athletes to protect their efficiency and their focus.
  • Social platforms - providing a third-party solution for expert moderation.

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