October 17, 2023

Unlocking the value of content moderation analytics

By Lucy Wright
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Every business today needs to be on social media. There are few free online platforms which allow you to connect with both your target audience and existing brand advocates in quite the same way. 

But toxic user generated content on your social pages can negatively affect engagement, impact your ROI on paid social posts, and even damage your brand reputation and desirability.

Brands are becoming increasingly aware of this. More and more, they’re realising the need for content moderation; and they’re turning to automated solutions to make sure their social pages are a place to foster genuine follower engagement. 

As a result, there are lots of automated moderation solutions now available, leveraging various technologies. We know that brands are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a provider. So, we wanted to offer something more than moderation; extra features that mean our users get the best return on their investment. 

In short, we wanted to make sure that our solution works harder than others.

Automated content moderation generates a huge amount of data, which can be incredibly useful for brands when defining their approach to social media and nurturing engagement.

That’s why we give our users the chance to receive a monthly or weekly analytics report which gives detailed insights into activity on your social media channels during the specified period. 

This data isn’t just interesting to look at; it holds the key to creating more effective social media and communication strategies, and seeing better return on your investment in content moderation. Here’s how…

Respond quickly and effectively to emerging challenges in your online space

Our moderation analytics help you recognise and respond to potential challenges and crises originating in your social media channels. 

Post comments are segmented by category, for example, if they are hateful, neutral, positive, spam or scam etc., classification (which can be customized), social media platform, severity and target (who the post is directed at), which gives you a detailed picture of audience sentiment towards your brand.

If you do spot an increase in toxicity, you can dive into the classifications and address the root cause of the problem. 

Information on the most toxic posts and authors also lets you identify potential risks to your brand reputation and act accordingly, for example, by banning the most toxic authors.

By constantly monitoring the health of your online community, you’ll quickly recognise any change in sentiment, be able to find out why that change is happening, and take action. 

Our data gives you the insights to successfully manage potential crises whilst simultaneously helping you to cultivate a positive brand image.

Identify trends and patterns to develop your best community engagement strategy

When you know what kind of content attracts positive engagement, you can share more of it. 

Bodyguard shows you the top five most positive social media platforms, authors and posts from the specified period, so you can identify trends in content that works best for you, and reward and engage with your biggest brand advocates. 

Has a video attracted hundreds of positive comments? Maybe that’s the best format for you. Do you notice more positive engagement on Instagram than Facebook? Concentrate your efforts there. Whatever is having the greatest positive impact, you’ll quickly and easily see it in your analytics report. 

At the other end of the spectrum, insights on the most toxic posts and authors help you to identify areas of concern within your community and proactively address these issues.

We also pinpoint spammers, scammers and bots, and clearly highlight how many engaged followers you have, so that your social pages remain a space for genuine engagement.

Refine your marketing and communication strategies

How you market and communicate about your company depends a lot on public perception of your brand. 

Bodyguard analytics give you a deeper understanding of how your audience views you. Clear confirmation of what your audience does and doesn’t want from your brand is right there in front of you! No more guessing which messages, offers or content might resonate most with your customers and would-be customers; they’re telling you first-hand! 

With this information, you can build a marketing strategy around the messages which capture the attention of your audience.

Next steps

If you’re an existing customer, you can add Analytics onto your existing package by speaking to your dedicated Customer Success Manager or contacting us. 

New to content moderation or looking to switch from your current solution? We’d love to help! Drop us a line and let’s talk. 

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