What Are Toxic Comments and Why Are They Bad for Business?

An excellent brand image should be at the forefront of every business’s online presence.

With so much toxicity online it’s essential that users feel that they’re in a safe space when engaging with your brand.



Why is moderation important?

There are a lot of articles and blogs around online moderation, but how can it directly benefit your business?

Real time moderation is crucial as the Internet is full of toxicity that can project a bad image for your organisation. To provide a positive user experience it’s important to detect and filter out 'bad comments' before they're posted, especially through social media moderation on platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Twitch and You Tube.

Every business should prioritise the safety of its users through its social media management. Toxic comments are often rude and disrespectful and can lead to users leaving a platform resulting in an online bad buzz for the organisation. This is damaging and will result in reduced social media traffic.

Trust and safety are important to build loyalty and project a professional image. Your platform should be a place for constructive debate, with no hate or malicious comments. It should employ healthy community management and allow freedom of expression without intimidation.

How to avoid toxic comments damaging your business

Once your brand has been affected by bad publicity it can be difficult to bounce back from a scandal. Taking control and preventing the problem before it develops avoids this negative exposure. Bodyguard’s solution gives peace of mind that your users can trust you and be sure your social networks are completely safe.

The Bodyguard content moderation system allows your business to spend time growing your community and producing content, and less time worrying about filtering out the toxicity. We can help you protect your online presence from the bad buzz!

Using AI (artificial intelligence) to filter out toxic comments and negativity means you can create content, build your brand and focus on acquisition and retention. Automatic moderation is an innovative and time-saving necessity for modern businesses. Bodyguard prevents toxic comments from being posted, meaning nobody will see it and you don’t have to delete it.

Bodyguard’s moderation system specialises in gaming, sports, media, the social sectors and entertainment. You’re in control and able to set and tailor the parameters to suit the category of business, which is particularly important for contextual moderation.

The benefits of Bodyguard to your business

Are you ready to protect your brand and business? These are just some of the benefits of preventing online toxicity:

  • Moderation can be tailored to suit your business needs

  • Automatic moderation – toxic content is gone forever in a few seconds

  • Compliance with community guidelines

  • Live streaming protection

  • Users who feel safe will return and are likely to spend more time on your platform

  • More users = more profit

  • 90% toxic content detection rate

  • Rapid integration with all platforms

Investing in brand safety protects your business from exposure to online toxicity and allows you to focus on building a safe community. Bad buzz can be irreparable… don't let it damage your business.