May 30, 2024

Bodyguard accelerates its online protection offer for brands and unveils a new visual identity

By The Bodyguard Team
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In response to the growing need for brands to preserve their image and protect their online communities, Bodyguard refines its offer and unveils a new visual identity to position itself as the leading partner for a safer, more inclusive, and trustworthy digital environment.

Nice, France - May 30, 2024 - While the utopia of a positive digital space where every voice is heard and every individual or entity is respected is still distant, the technology developed by Bodyguard is gradually outlining and approaching this vision. Resulting from several years of expertise, Bodyguard has established itself as the most effective solution for detecting, analyzing, and moderating illicit content.

Trusted by major luxury groups, retailers, media, sports institutions, and social platforms, Bodyguard is revamping itself by unveiling a more impactful new visual identity and a new offer based on three pillars:

  • Real-time detection and alerting: Thanks to its "plug & play" solution, Bodyguard can detect, analyze, and alert in real-time about illegal, toxic, or non-compliant content with the rules imposed by digital platforms.
  • Tailored intelligent moderation: Depending on the type of moderation chosen, Bodyguard can remove illicit content in real-time across all types of platforms, relying on artificial intelligence and human expertise.
  • Prediction and potential impact on online communities: Bodyguard goes further by offering a predictive toxicity index of messages and a precise analysis tool for online communities. This new feature provides Bodyguard users with unique data and strategic trends to help them manage their online image daily.

This enhanced offer, designed to best meet current digital challenges, is the result of several years of expertise in studying hateful and toxic content combined with a clear and forward-looking vision of the digital ecosystem.

This is not a pivot for Bodyguard, but an evolution, explains Charles Cohen, Founder & CEO of Bodyguard. While our vision remains the same - to strive for the most effective digital protection possible by developing more powerful online solutions powered by AI - our solutions evolve to better meet the needs of brands and individuals, and offer closer support in a constantly changing digital environment

A new visual identity and a new website accompany this evolution. Inspired by the iconic shape of a shield, the Bodyguard logo expresses the idea of an intelligent online force field that intercepts and protects against hateful and toxic content. This significant step in Bodyguard's development is also marked by the discontinuation of its mobile app, to focus efforts on its offer dedicated to businesses. The company thus aims to confirm its position as a leader and trusted partner to over 60 brands worldwide, working towards a healthier and more inclusive digital world.

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