Protect your online engagement

with toxicity and fraud moderation, community health analysis, crisis anticipation and mitigation

How online toxicity affects your:

Organic channel

By posting organically on your social media profiles, you can increase brand awareness, drive acquisition, or hear what your consumers are saying. Yet, on average, 6% of users share toxic content against your followers, your brand and your ambassadors. These comments directly affect your consumer experience, damage your brand value and drown valuable insights from your loyal clients and prospects. pushes back all forms of online toxicity (harmful/hateful, spam, scam, counterfeit links, etc.) targeting your community and brand ambassadors to enhance the engagement with your communications, and allows you to analyze user-generated content that matters.

Paid channel

When analyzing your paid campaigns, both the engagement and conversion rates are key to efficiently allocate your budgets and select the right channel. Yet, we find that 7% of the reactions to our clients’ paid posts are either hateful, harmful, spam or scam. As 60% of consumers boycott or purchase less from a brand after being exposed to hate speech, violence, sexually inappropriate content, spam, scam, counterfeit links, etc. (Edelman Trust Barometer, 2021), you can’t let these messages affect the overall performance of your campaigns. protects the conversion path of your consumers on your social pages by automatically removing the messages you define as unwanted.

Brand opinion

Brands massively invest in organic and paid marketing to engage and convert their social followers into clients. Yet, we find that on average 7% of the reactions to these posts are not in line with most brand values (hate speech, violence, sexually inappropriate content, spam, scam, counterfeit links, etc.). In parallel, you want to hear the voice of your potential and existing consumers that are interacting with your brand and one with another. helps you identify opportunities to communicate about such as addressing criticism, anticipate and mitigate crises by receiving real-time alerts on sensitive topics or unusual toxic sharing peaks.

Bodyguard for Brands

Helping brands focus on engagement that matters:

Brand protection
Protecting your brand e-reputation and brand ambassadors
Multi-channel protection
Streamlined conversion path on your social media
Engagement protection
Enhanced engagement with your brand
Crisis anticipation
Anticipate and prevent crisis by watching how your audience engage and react to your content

Why your community managers can't handle it all

Toxicity Evolution
Constantly new methods to bypass platforms’ algorithms
Linguistic limitations
1/2 of the world's population speak 23 different languages
Each social page is another environment to protect
Comments Volume
High volume of messages to review in a consistent way for a human brain
Mental Health
Reading toxic content all day affects CMs’ mental health
Checking malicious links is time-consuming & cause security breaches for Brands

Accurate & Real-time Moderation provides a 24/7 protection for your online community spaces against all forms of online toxicity (harmful & hateful, spam, scam, fraud, etc.) across platforms (Facebook, Instagram, X (ex Twitter), etc.). The software-only solution replicates human moderation and blocks toxic comments at scale, based on context severity and an automated contextual analysis. Using, brands can protect their image and reputation, and create an authentic online community with genuine engagement.

Community analytics and insights

With, you can now base your communication decisions on the intelligence about your online communities and enhance your fan experience. The solution automatically classifies all your user-generated content from multiple languages across 30+ classification and custom rules.

Real-time alerting allows you to easily monitor the voice of your fans and detractors as well as valuable insights across your online community spaces.