Directed At

List of all available targets that can detect:

The comment either responds to the author of the original content or directly to another user.
Example: @sandy you are a bitch
The comment directly insults the author of the original content’s family or the family of the author of another comment.
Example: Your sister’s a little slut
The comment refers to a third person.
Example: His channel is shite
The comment targets a group of individuals.
Example: Immigrants are dirty
The comment is a general statement either with no particular identifiable target or a wide range of people targeted.
Example: Fuck everyone
The author of a comment is talking about themselves or is including themselves in a sentiment.
Example: I swear I stink
The comment is talking about a company or a brand.
Example: Macron is trash
The comment has been detected, but another part of the text nullifies the identified element, e.g. reported speech, negation.
Example: I never found that i hate gay people
No part of the comment has been detected by the technology.
Example: The sun was shinning real bright today