List of all available classifications that can detect:

Comments designed to intimidate or scare another person by promising to do something that will endanger that person mentally or physically.
Example: I'm going to find you, and then I'm going to kill you.
Unwelcome and inappropriate sexual comments about a person's physical appearance or promises to approach a person in a sexual manner.
Example: Wonna see you naked
Comments and abusive behavior designed to undermine and humiliate a person.
Example: You really are usless aren't you
Self-harm is the intentional behavior of taking or wanting to take harmful action towards ones own body.
Example: I can't do this anymore. This life's not worth living. I want to end it all.
Comments which involve the intimidation or coercion of populations or governments through the threat or perpetration of violence, causing death, serious injury or the taking of hostages
Any type of discrimination against or prejudice towards individuals on the basis of their membership to a particular racial or ethnic group, typically one that is a minority or marginalized.
Example: Kill them back to neutralise the situation Muslims are criminals.
Any type of discrimination against or prejudice towards individuals who identify as members of the LGBTQIA+ community; this includes comments or behavior aimed at non-LGBTQ+ individuals that nonetheless represent hateful LGBTQIA+phobic attitudes.
Example: Trans people are sick in the head. They need therapy.
Any type of discrimination or prejudice against women, including comments that are not targeting individual women but that nevertheless represent hateful patriarchal and transphobic attitudes.
Example: Go make me a sandwich, woman.
Any type of discrimination against or prejudice towards individuals living with disabilities; this includes those who have mental, psychological and physical disabilities.
Example: The paralympics are shit.
Any comment that exhibits or promotes sexual attraction towards minors.
Disrespectful or abusive language targeting an individual.
Example: That’s one stupid SOB trying to drive that boat
Comments that aim to insult or injure an individual, group, or entity, representing an attitude of fundamental hostility towards the target.
Example: I hate you
Any type of discrimination against or prejudice towards an individual's physical appearance or modifications.
Example: You look like a fat, disgusting cow.
The act of posting confusing and manipulative messages with the intent of provoking a reaction.
Example: Messi was better in Madrid
A form of online harassment involving someone finding and publishing, or threatening to publish, a person’s personal information without their consent. It is often used as a tactic of intimidation or abuse, as well as a form of revenge.
Example: She lives at the end of my hall (3 apartments over from me).
Promotional messages that businesses or individuals use to reach a specific target audience and promote their products or services.
Example: Hello, please visit my page, I need a follower, I wish you the best 😉
Comments without meaningful content that do not add to or enrich conversation.
Example: 1st person in the comment section
Any type of message encouraging the user to visit an external page (any page, website) unrelated to the platform where the post originated in order to extort money from a user.
Example: Click my link "Millionaire 111" so that you too can make money
Undesirable comments repeatedly sent to a large number of people.
Comment meant to disturb the normal operation of a medium like massive publishing of senseless texts.
Language that can be socially unpleasant, offensive or obscene.
Example: Oh fuck, I can't believe this shit!
Any type of comment that talks about or details sexual acts and genitalia.
Example: I'll let you bend me over
Any type of comment that talks about or encourages the use of drugs.
Example: Im so looking forward to dropping acid at music festivals this summerrrrr its gonna be litttt
Any type of comment that talks about or encourages the use of arms and weapons.
Example: I love my ak47 with its high capacity drum mag
Comments that do not display any supportive or problematic content.
Example: I love ice cream
The act of an individual publishing, either purposefully or unwittingly, their personal identifiable information (PII) online.
Example: Actually I called to customer care for issues in contact details. Actually, my number is 9958592028
A comment in which the user discloses or is understood to be underage.
Example: Hi, I'm John and I'm 9 years old.
Comments that talk about or give opinions relating to politics, especially international relations, as influenced by geographical factors.
Example: #FreePalestine
Comments indicating a user's intent or interest in pursuing romantic or sexual relationships.
Comments showing appreciation for a user or for their content.
Example: You're so amazing
The act or fact of abiding by the rules as in sports or games; fairness and honor in dealing with competitors, customers, etc.
Example: GG guys!
Comments giving an individual or an entity your support.
Example: Keep it up guys, you can do it !!!
Offering critiques of a user's content or their actions without the intent of harming the user
Example: I don't like this bag, I think it's not fashionable at all.
A comment that is not recognized in others's classifications.