How to protect content creators and their communities

As the digital world expands so does the opportunity for online toxicity toward content creators. Social media and the Internet are fantastic tools to promote brands, lifestyles, and products.



However, they are also a chance for individuals to target content creators through the posting of toxic comments.

What can content creators do to ensure they can engage with their followers without being subjected to insults and hate?

What is a content creator?

Anyone who creates digital content aimed at influencing others is a content creator. Whether for entertainment purposes or to persuade people to buy a product or service, content creation is a professional role in the digital world. 

A content creator often has a community of followers who regularly read posts and can interact with their own opinions. This is where the problem lies. Whilst most social networks have their own regulations, trolls will always find a way to bypass them.

Typical platforms for posting include Facebook, Twitch, Twitter, and Instagram, all of which are great for promotion, but open to toxicity.

Content creators and influencers have no way of knowing who their followers are and whether they are genuine. If they sense something isn´t right they can block the offending poster, who is likely to just set up a new fake profile and begin the toxicity again.

What are the results of online bullying?

Not only is receiving insults unpleasant, but it can lead to serious problems for the content creators that receive them. The constant abuse and comments can be extremely harmful. Receiving repeated toxic messages over and over again is psychologically damaging and can have serious effects. From personal comments to death threats, this is a dangerous arena. 

Why should a person who’s only trying to do their job be exposed to a situation that can affect their well-being?

As soon as a content creator clicks on the ‘post’ button they’re vulnerable to harassment. Cyberbullies and hackers are on the constant lookout for ways to cause damage.

There are many stories online of influencers and content creators who have suffered mental health issues as a result of comments resulting from the content they share. Some have even taken their own lives as a result of stalking and bullying.

How can Bodyguard help content creators stay safe? 

Whilst human moderation works to a certain extent it is a time-consuming process that has to take place 24/7. This is impossible and costly for most businesses that use the services of content creators to promote their brands.  Content creators cannot be online every minute of the day and need time to disconnect and relax. This role can be highly pressurized – meeting deadlines, answering and fielding comments – which can have a negative impact on the content creator’s mental health.

We believe in freedom of speech and the right to do a job without receiving harmful comments.  

The automated Bodyguard moderation solution allows you to set parameters to filter out the hate and toxic comments, therefore reducing the risk of posting online content. This results in both the content creator and their community is safe.

The Bodyguard solution:

  • detects and moderates toxic content in real-time

  • protects communities and brands

  • prevents negative exposure (bad buzz…)

  • is tailored to suit the customer’s needs

As a more effective method than employing a human moderator, Bodyguard’s objective is to have a positive social impact on our society. Toxic content is detected in real-time and is moderated immediately, eliminating the possibility of human error.

Isn´t it time to invest in protecting your content creators and brand?