"Bodyguard.ai protects you from hateful content and cyberbullying. Focus on the positive interactions of your community.  Illustrated characters interacting with smartphones and computers protected by Bodyguard."

Protect your communities from online hate

Moderation solution that detects and moderates for you toxic content in real time.

Unique technology at the service of people

Let's build a safe Internet with the Bodyguard technology, a smart moderation solution that can be integrated on social networks and platforms of all sizes to protect communities and brands from toxic content.


See from a dedicated and centralized space all of your accounts and platforms (social networks or proprietary) in complete transparency. Access a detailed analysis of your users' behaviour that will give you the right insights to engage them more efficiently.
Dashboard centralizing all your data (analysis, messages, authors of generated content, posts)


At a glance, know how many comments your posts have generated and how many of them are hateful, supportive or spam.
Visualization of all messages, hate, positive and polluting content

AI Moderation

Quickly read your messages and see how they have been classified and what action has been taken (remove or keep). You can also filter by specific categories & classification to focus on particular types of comments.
Smart moderation that detects potentially toxic content with advanced contextual analysis and identifies typos, misspelled or censored words, abbreviations and emojis.


Find out more about your community members and how they interact with your content! See who your most supportive community members are and quickly block the haters.
"Smart moderation examples:  ""We can play basketball with your nostrils"" = Hateful, Insult ""This video is f***ing amazing !!"" = Supportive ""Duuude, ur forhead is as big as a stadium"" = Hateful, Insult  "


Powerful infrastructure to handle massive volume of comments in real time (under 200 milliseconds). Bodyguard can manage any peaks in engagement related to your content. Through its official and long-lasting partnerships with the largest social networks and its best-in class API, Bodyguard offers the latest features in terms of integration, protection and moderation.
"RGPD compliance and efficient infrastructure  Blue cloud with social networks icons and GDPR security "

How it works

Find out how the Bodyguard moderation operates in 2 minutes!

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Why should you be protected?

User acquisition
40% of users will disengage from a community after as little as one exposure to toxic content. Protect your users to keep them and attract new ones!
Increase your revenue
A toxicity free space leads to more users and more time spent on site as well as a 16% increase in advertising revenue.
Brand safety
Toxic comments are bad for business. Once your brand has been affected by an online bad buzz, it's difficult to bounce back from a scandal. Taking control and preventing the problem before it develops avoids this negative exposure.

Online toxicity impacts your business?

See how the Bodyguard solution can help you solve this issue by copying an example of toxic content you find on your networks and launching the analysis!

1000 / 1000

Content detection

Hateful content

On average, 4 to 10% of the messages published by your users are probably hateful. Don't waste time with haters, make them disappear in one click.


Protect your community from polluting content that distracts from your own (spam, scams, ads, links…) and affect the quality of your community's interactions. Focus on the essentials.

Supportive content

Identify the members of your community who react positively to your content and turn them into your brand ambassadors!

Detection of recipient (user, user's family, group of people, everyone, nobody), category (insult, hate, trolling, racism, misogyny, threat), severity (low, medium, high) and verdict (hateful content = recommended action "delete").
Computer with two people sitting on a sofa watching live streaming

Live streaming protection

Automatic moderation of millions of comments in real-time and 24/7 on social networks and your own platforms. Perfect if your business is highly mediatized and generates a lot of live messages.

Linguistic expertise

With our expertise across media, sports, brands, and gaming, we bring you a moderation solution that is at the forefront of all new online trends (algospeak, emojis, external links, scams, etc.). Our team of experts understand all forms of abuse on Internet and social networks. Forget about keyword filters. We update daily our technology and will develop customised rules for you. The solution detects and moderates toxic content with a 90-95% success rate, without hindering freedom of expression.

Linguistic expertise in English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese with a 98% detection rate
Two blue blocks showing the easyness to deploy on social media (Facebook, YouTube, Twitch and Instagram) via API

Social media APIs access

Expert in moderation on social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, and YouTube, Bodyguard.ai has privileged access to social platforms for optimal protection. Connecting to your accounts is just a click away. Integration with the client's platform is done via an API and only takes a few hours to deploy with technical teams.


Human moderation can't handle large volumes of comments, it's slow and painful. Whether it's a few blog comments or millions of live streamed messages, Bodyguard.ai scales up and down according to your needs.
Analysis of a large volume of comments

Start protecting your community now!

Our industry experts and linguists are at your disposal to connect your platforms to Bodyguard and offer a safer space to your community members

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