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Our expert moderation solution helps protect individuals, families and businesses against online toxic content.

Bodyguard is

Smart & autonomous
Constantly updated, detecting nearly 100% of toxic comments, understanding context, nuances, SMS language, Emojis, abbreviations, censored words and typos.
Real-time moderation available 24/7, that eliminates toxic content before it reaches the user, acting before the damage is done.
Offering individual or extended protection, letting users select what content they want to moderate and how much moderation they require.
Able to cover any amount of data - from a few comments on a blog, to thousands of comments on social media, and all the way up to live interactions during live streaming.

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How it works

4 layers of screening

Pre-processing or "cleaning"
First, our technology looks at the text to detect and clean all emojis, typos or misspelled words
Toxicity detection
Next, it recognizes any words or groups of words that could potentially be harmful.
Contextual analysis
After detecting potentially toxic content, the technology analyzes the context around it, to determine primarily to whom the content is addressed.
Moderation rules matching
Finally, the technology returns a result after overlaying its analysis with any custom moderation rules set in advance, relating to the severity of the content, toxicity type, and message recipient.


Our solutions


Social media protection. Free mobile app that protects you against toxic online content and cyberbullying on social networks.


Bodyguard protects your child from hateful comments on social media and notifies you in real-time if your child is cyberbullied or cyberbullying.


Bodyguard for Businesses offers a strong text moderation capability that can be employed on any platform and for any community.

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