Why Content Moderation Empowers Your Business

Be a business that cares for your visitors and users with a powerful online content moderation solution. Online toxicity is growing and keeping it out of your organisation to protect your users demonstrates your commitment to their wellbeing.

The Bodyguard team

The Bodyguard team

How content moderation boosts acquisition

The key to the success of any business is to create engagement. This leads to acquisition and comes with trust in your brand and confidence you’re offering a safe and secure space to browse in.

Toxic or malicious content can cause a visitor to click away from your website, never to return. It also produces ‘bad press’ and can damage your reputation.

With an increase in AI (artificial intelligence) and the time we spend online, toxic content is growing, so let's work together to keep it out. Brand safety is essential to maintain your reputation and ultimately safeguard your bottom line.

A platform that builds user trust and confidence is one that they will return to and engage in.

Users want a secure place where they have freedom of expression without worrying that they’re going to be bombarded with toxic comments and hate. From social media moderation to community management, successful content moderation is key for user acquisition and retention.

The 5 main benefits of content moderation

Whether you’re building a new business or reviewing your current offering there are many benefits for your organisation around online moderation. User loyalty develops from the belief that a business puts its customers first. Promoting your business in a positive light in terms of content control has several benefits, including:

1. Maintaining user engagement and respect for your brand

2. Converting visitors to long-term, returning customers

3. Transforming customers to brand ambassadors

4. Cost and time saving through automatic moderation

5. Enhancing your reputation with suppliers and advertisers

The monitoring of toxic comments, fake news and spam allows you to identify the sources and refine your moderation process further. In addition to reducing the risk of customers viewing toxic content employees should also be protected from online hate.

What’s the solution?

Manual content moderation is time-consuming and expensive in terms of time. Bodyguard offers an automated moderation solution that can be tailored to the needs of your business. For example, a gaming platform is likely to need different moderation from the social media management page of a news site.

Another reason to tailor your content moderation is contextual moderation. This considers the user’s and poster’s intent and whether they intended to harm or participate in a constructive debate. Bodyguard allows you to adjust the content you allow, depending on your category of business.

Whatever your business model, from launching marketing campaigns to running sporting events or hosting an entertainment site, if you rely on user-generated content and acquisition to grow your content should be moderated.

Bodyguard adapts to suit your requirements. You’re in control and choose the level of protection you wish to apply.