Yubo partners with Bodyguard to enhance prevention-first content moderation

Yubo, the live social discovery app for Gen Z, has implemented the world's only contextual and autonomous moderation solution to enhance its prevention-first approach to content moderation through a partnership with Bodyguard.

The Bodyguard.ai team

The Bodyguard.ai team

PARIS, Dec. 6, 2023 -- Yubo's integration of the Bodyguard solution is the latest update to the social platform's robust safety infrastructure, which includes 100% age-verification requirements for all users and real-time moderation of live streaming, an industry first.

Bodyguard's technology is designed to automatically analyze, detect, and block toxic content in real time, before users see it, and will be an instrumental addition to Yubo's multi-layered tech stack for content moderation, which is overseen 24/7 by trained Safety Specialists around the world. While most content moderation solutions rely on keyword-based moderation, Bodyguard algorithmically analyzes text in context using proprietary natural language processing algorithms.

Yubo's partnership with Bodyguard is part of the platform's proactive stance to tackling safety challenges of building online communities and serves to ensure that Yubo users can engage with confidence. Users on the app are connected to one another in real time, while they are active on the platform. Within that framework, Yubo users get the opportunity to interact with each other immediately, instead of having to wait for people to log on and hang out. Yubo's live discovery model is inspired by how friendships usually form offline: people strike up conversations spontaneously and become friends if they find shared interests, experiences, or hobbies.

"Ensuring the safety and well-being of our users is our top priority, especially as we continue to develop our live discovery model and look for new ways to make the real-time connections we are fostering on Yubo as positive and engaging as possible," said Sacha Lazimi, Yubo's co-founder and CEO. "With users in over 140 countries, cutting-edge technology solutions like Bodyguard are also essential to scaling Yubo's content moderation for a global audience."

"We are thrilled to partner with Yubo, a platform that shares our commitment to online safety," said Bodyguard founder and CEO Charles Cohen. "Bodyguard is designed to create a safer digital space by leveraging the very latest technology to moderate online content with the accuracy of a human and the speed of a machine. This partnership will allow us to extend our expertise to Yubo's global user base to create a more secure, inclusive, and enjoyable experience for all users."

Yubo is a live social discovery app that makes it easy for Gen Z to make new friends and hang out online. By eliminating likes and follows, we empower young people to show up as their true selves and form genuine connections. As a platform serving teens and young adults, safety is a cornerstone of Yubo. All of our features and policies are developed with guidance from our board of safety experts, which is made up of respected leaders and online safety experts from such organizations as the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC), Thorn, and The Diana Award. Founded in France in 2015, Yubo today is used across more than 140 countries by over 80 million users. Visit us at yubo.live to learn more and follow our journey.

Through a powerful blend of cutting-edge A.I and human expertise, Bodyguard analyzes, alerts and eliminates toxic and illegal content from social media for businesses and individuals, to provide powerful but streamlined moderation, protect brand desirability and reputation, and create a more positive experience for online communities.