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Leading the way in AI-driven content curation for better experience & engagement with your community

Unique technology for content moderation and community analysis

Bodyguard Solution helps businesses from all industries in curating their user-generated content in multiple languages and across multiple platforms and social media in real-time. Our advanced AI and NLP technology, provides the best contextual analysis of the market, allowing our clients to better understand their audience and make informed decisions to improve their social media strategy.

By filtering out irrelevant content and identify valuable user-generated content organizations can promote their brand and engage with their customers safely. Thanks to our real-time analysis, businesses can respond quickly to potential crisis and ensure that their online presence remains positive and engaging.

Bodyguard for Sports allows you to offer the same experience on the pitch and online.
Protect your club, your fans and your athletes from online toxicity by moderating toxic content in real-time across all your social media pages. By analyzing user-generated content, you can understand the real engagement of your community, identify potential ambassadors, improve your social media strategy but also prevent communication crisis.

Bodyguard for Gaming helps create a safe and welcoming environment for players by detecting and removing toxic content such as hate speech, harassment, and threats in real-time. This can help enhance player experience, prevent churn and improve retention rate. Our solution can also help gaming companies understand the sentiment of their players and identify opportunities to improve their games and services.

Bodyguard for Brands helps protect your online presence and reputation by monitoring and moderating all types of toxic content in real-time across all your social media pages. By analyzing user-generated content, also helps brands understand their customers' sentiment, identify brand ambassadors, and improve their marketing strategy. This can lead to increased brand loyalty, higher customer satisfaction, and better business outcomes.

They grow their community with

Start protecting your community now!

Our industry experts and linguists are here to connect your platforms to and offer a safer space to your community members


Smart technology for social media moderation and analysis smart moderation solution integrates with your social networks and platforms of all sizes to protect your communities and brands from toxic content

Dedicated Dashboard

Our comprehensive dashboard provides you with valuable insights and actionable data

Contextual Analysis

Our smart moderation detects the target of the message but also typos, mispelled words and emojis in multiple languages

Messages Analysis solution analyze and sort user-generated content from multiple languages across 30+ classification and custom rules

Trust & Safety

Our infrastructure can analyze millions of comments in real time (under 200 milliseconds) and handle all peaks in engagement

Why should you protect your community?

Engagement & Acquisition
40% of users will disengage from a community after as little as one exposure to toxic content. Protect your users to keep them and attract new ones!
Revenue protection
A toxicity free space leads to more users and more time spent on site as well as a 16% increase in advertising revenue.
Brand safety
Keep control over your social media space and prevent communication crisis to avoid negative exposure and revenue loss.

Smart moderation for smart decision

Detecting more than online toxicity

Hateful content
Don't let haters stop youOn average, 4 to 10% of the messages published by your users are probably hateful. Don't waste time with haters, make them disappear in one click.
Supportive content
Know who your ambassadors areIdentify the members of your community who react positively to your content and turn them into your brand ambassadors!
Undesirable content
Keep your spaces cleanProtect your community from polluting content that distracts from your own (spam, scams, ads, links…) and affect the quality of your community's interactions. Focus on the essentials.
Custom classifications
Go a step furtherAdd the emphasis on specific classifications with our custom classification feature to detect specific type of messages and comments on your social media and platforms.

Does online toxicity impact your business?

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